Whose Mind is it Anyway

And what has the Mind got to do with ‘Clearing.’ Well, everything and nothing but without taking a look at the Mind from a different perspective it is just an abstract concept.

When I began my journey into the world of ‘Clearing’ it was just a job, I certainly had no idea that it would become, by the very nature of the work, a journey into the Mind. Or perhaps, a better understanding of the Mind from a different point of view.

Several things have happened to ‘change’ me over the years I have been ‘Clearing.’

One, the ‘shadow’ that Carl Jung spoke of, meaning how our lives are heavily influenced by those parts of the self that we have yet to embrace, to welcome into the light. Often simply the result of the information we were fed, or denied, in our very early formative years. Much of this information lies buried in our sub-conscious. It has been said that those early years (up to around 6 years of age) our brains are like sponges, just absorbing information without discriminating being quite unaware that this programming is even happening. This leads to some things controlling our perceived reality without our being conscious that this is happening. So the shadow is born.

So conditions that were set when we were very young control, without our conscious involvement, play a significant part in the world ‘we’ create / live in.

I understood, on a superficial level, how my past was creating my reality but never truly understood the depths to which that conditioning went. Jung was reported to have said “that one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” But shadow by is very name implies something hidden from view, something outside of our conscious awareness. So how can we even know we have this ‘shadow’ if it is not in our conscious awareness? We can’t basically we just continue to move through life carry baggage that we don’t even know we have.

Over the years I have been ‘Clearing’ I have noticed how many people take up professions, relationships, activities that are an expression of the shadow, ways and means of expressing their shadow side without them realising what they are doing or why.

For the time being, see that memories and experiences, in fact all phenomena can be viewed as information. This information has various frequencies, or bundles of frequencies, that define how it manifests. Our nervous system is such that it interprets information / energy / frequency so that we may experience life on Earth..

Recognising that everything is in fact energy / information / frequency and that the ‘shadow’ is information that is hidden from us yet plays a big part in controlling the world we Iive in, it follows that some information, which we may find uncomfortable, is just a bundle of frequencies that we have shut out or not yet integrated.

Is this really about the Mind? Almost there.

Now, when we ‘clear’ a person or an environmental energy, think again in terms of frequency. And then picture your own energy being, including the shadow which has blocked out certain frequencies that you are not comfortable with. So there are areas of information represented by bundles of frequencies that resent our ‘dark side’ the sub-conscious.
When we clear, the training tells us that the information we pick up on and experience is not ours, simply how the body has been trained to deal with or react to certain frequencies. This helps us develop greater objectivity around that which we experience. As we become more able to accept these energy patterns so we develop a greater sense of safety with the feelings associated with the frequencies, some of which may encroach upon or own shadow side. Since we have trained ourselves to not continue to give energy to the manifesting phenomena we experience little or no discomfort when tuning into these previously hidden energies.

If we follow this pattern through to its conclusion, then we see that by opening up to so much information without taking it personally, without blaming or judging, then our system slowly moves into a place of peace and safety, incorporating the shadow aspects (which we did not know we had). Taking this even further the ‘shadow’ ceases to have any influence over our lives because it has been, albeit by a non-direct approach, brought into the light as it were.

Being free form the effects of the shadow has many benefits, one; any sub-conscious desire loses any power it may have had, almost like cleaning the dirty windows to give us greater clarity. Another way of saying this that it also removes the filter system of the personality, this filter system is something that we have become so accustomed to that we fail to recognise that it is only a filter system, it is not who we are.

As this filter system is slowly and safely dismantled so our capacity to access information grows.

And here we get to the Mind.

But perhaps not, as the build up has taken so long and the explanation of Mind will take as much if not more words, then best to leave that for next month.

Stay tuned folks for the follow up article. Meanwhile practice your clearing as much and as often as you can, then this article will mean so much more than just a few words on paper (or screen!))!