If I were to ask most people if they were afraid, in that moment, most people would say no. If I asked them again in a stressful moment, they may say yes.

Insecurity is something that we all live with, in fact most of our decisions, our actions and our words are fear based. This may seem ridiculous, impossible, doesn’t apply to me! Yet the fact remains that insecurity is one of the most dominant ‘feelings’ in humankind today.

Insecurity shows up in many diverse ways, we often fail to realise it is insecurity based. Anxiety is a huge underlying issue yet ignored for the most part, ignored until it manifests as a problem. Then of course we try to ‘fix’ the manifesting problem, coming from a place of insecurity there is no fix possible, we simply add chaos and confusion to the situation having failed to recognise why it, the situation, arose in the first place.

If we look, in more detail, how it is possible that most decisions and actions are based on fear / anxiety it may be easier to recognise cause and effect and ‘do’ something positive about it, rather than wait for the issue to manifest and then have to do something about it. Denial is a wonderful ally but it doesn’t help you escape from who you are, in the bigger picture you are going to come up against all that you have avoided /denied. Best start working on it now, the sooner the better, before it manifests and forces you into another reactive situation.

It is easy to list areas in which fear / anxiety control our lives on both conscious and subconscious levels.

Health! A major aspect of our lives. While our lives are controlled by a media that has its own agenda we are easily manipulated into believing that we need to ‘do’ this, take that, buy this, practice this, avoid that, eat this, don’t eat that, get this check up, get that procedure.

If we don’t do as we are told then we are told there will be terrible consequences. The amount of information currently available is enormous, much of it conflicting. Who to believe! What to do? If we had no fear or anxiety then it is quite possible that we would not be affected by external forces that are trying to move us in particular directions. Being force fed a diet that has been designed to play upon deeply rooted fears we simply give more energy, consciously or otherwise, to those fears which allow them to manifest at some point.

For those who have been practicing clearing it is obvious that where we put our attention leads to a strengthening and eventual manifestation of that energy. Put your attention on anger, anger arises.

If you are afraid of contracting any disease, simply because the media tells you that you are in danger, a high risk case, then on a subconscious level fear has been triggered. Fear is going to be the force that allows the illness to manifest.. There may not be a great deal we can ‘do’ about old, inherited conditions, situations that we are not aware of until they become a problem. The more we practice not giving energy to that which shows up the more likely we are to lead relatively pain free lives simply because we no longer give energy to every little thing that shows up in our awareness.

Are you afraid of losing something? Health. Wealth. Material Possessions. Friends. Are you afraid of heights? Of being closed in? Of spiders? Of your neighbour? Are your fears anything more than a lack of awareness of your true nature? In all the years I have been practicing and teaching ‘clearing’ it has become obvious that fear is the root cause for all disease, for all poverty, for all discrimination, for all chaos, for all wars. It is the one simple fact that underlies our experience.

Fear arises from a lack of awareness, an awareness of our true nature, not the conditioned awareness that is so prevalent today. This lack of awareness is not something new, though the broadening knowledge of it is relatively new. While we continue to give energy to our subconscious, conditioned mind, fear will always play a great part in shaping the world we live in. It is not possible to create a new world while the majority of those who are wanting to create a new reality are still fear based.

We need to see these fears for what they truly are, a conditioned response brought about by mass hypnosis. Rather than face all of these fears individually, which are all imaginary anyway, we should simply address whatever shows up in our life, in our reality, in our mind and in our hearts. Recognise that for the most part these thoughts and feelings arise from subtle levels of fear and stop empowering them. Stop feeding them. Stop identifying with them. Stop being a part of the problem and become a part of the solution.

There are many who say that there is nothing wrong with the world, it is an illusion after all. But for those lost in the illusion, feeding and empowering the illusion, there is something drastically wrong. Until we can all wake up from the illusion there appears to be something to do, wrongs to right, issues to take sides over. All of which simply adds to the chaos, confusion and conflict thus perpetuating the belief in the illusion.

The practice. Notice thoughts and feelings; recognise, accept and let go of the feeling / thought before it becomes a problem. Don’t wait to deal with a problem when there was no problem to begin with.