To Mind or not to Mind?

A ‘mind’ bending story.

What I talk about now is a product of my own experiences which includes information I have heard / read about. It may make sense to you, it may not. C’est la vie.

All I can ask you to do is think on this subject, question everything and come to your own conclusions. Obviously if you develop your clearing practice this concept may become a ‘reality’ instead of some weird concept.

The thought is that you do not have a mind! Mind has been seen as non-local — this means that Mind is not confined to time and space. So, if this is the case, then Mind is everywhere at all times, always has been always will be. This mind has been referred to by many names, Lynn McTaggart – ‘The Field’ Hindu Scriptures – ‘The Ether’ often ‘God’ is a word used. The ‘Quantum Field,’ or, ‘The Universe’, or as I prefer, ‘The Cosmic Soup’.

Well, that lets me out, because as far as Eric is concerned, his mind (lower case m) is only here for a short time.

I currently believe that we do not have a mind per se, instead we have the mechanism which access’s mind and also has the ability to upload to the Mind. Our nervous system allows us to read, interpret and experience the Mind, the nervous system is the process by which we experience life on Earth.

Our brain is constantly analysing information and giving feedback, by way of certain chemicals, chemicals which we call feelings, physical or emotional. The more attached we are to any information, the more chemicals are produced giving the person who is experiencing this a sense of intensity and therefore ownership of those ‘feelings.’

So, following this reasoning we can view the brain as the first line of connection we have to Mind.

The brain produces chemicals, (neuro-peptides) as a result of this interaction, the neuro-peptides are formed into amino acids — this is based, loosely, on the work of Bruce Lipton – and those amino acids enter various cells of the body, we translate those chemical as feelings etc, as mentioned above.

If we begin to understand the concept that Mind is indeed non-local and we are accessing that Mind, then we can see how our thoughts and emotions, that we experience as being a part of the Mind give feedback to the Mind, adding to its store house of knowledge. Although I am not at all sure this is correct. If I try to understand the Buddhist concepts that there is a state of Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence that is readily available, at all times, then this state of all knowing, all being, all powerful is here and now, always has been always will be (in the Mind) Then there is likely nothing new we can add, all we are doing is reinforcing concepts that we give our attention to, concepts that must, by the above definition, already exist.

The question then arises, what aspects of this Mind are we accessing, and why is our access limited?

To approach this from a slightly different angle. If you imagine your awareness, your imagination if you like, as a search light scanning though The Mind. Our ability to access The mind is limited by currently held points of view, or beliefs that we hold. So, depending upon past conditions through which we have passed, which have ‘shaped’ our current world view and your place in that world, you see only sections of The Mind that fit into those perceptions, those points of view, those beliefs.

If this holds true then by letting go of any attachment to our ‘past’ we can broaden the scope of the search light, thus accessing more information from The Mind.

Maybe the various ‘great minds’ that have shown up on the planet, had, through their conditioned past (or Un-conditioned) been able to access a lot more of this Mind than many others. We may have labelled these beings as great, enlightened, even heretics, because their knowledge far exceeded that of the bigger population. Small minds, individuals whose past precludes them from accessing more information from The Mind are always challenged by those who have the ability to access more.

Albert Einstein

“Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.”

So, all information is contained in The Mind, like some great Cosmic Wide Web.. Our search engine may be version 101.3 which can only access a small amount of information, we should look at an upgrade. Not too fast though, too much new information can be ‘upsetting’ to say the least.

I like this piece I heard recently by Brian Cox, physicist.

“So, it is sort of your fault, hastening the end of time, but it is true that, as you sit there you’re actually hastening the demise of the universe — you personally. Because what you’re doing is radiating disorder out into the universe in a cavalier fashion in order that you can live and press information and maintain your structure. But you are actually making the universe more disordered as a result. And it’s getting disordered faster then it would be if you didn’t exist. So it is sort of your fault, the end of time”.

Replace the word Universe with Mind and then we see that the information we are feeding back into The Mind is quite chaotic because all information is viewed from a personal point of view, a point of view that has likes and dislikes, good and bad, right and wrong. Yet, as far as I can understand, this judgemental experience of the information we can access only arises because of our attachment, and identification with information.

Lose that and open the door to a far greater reality.

And the search to understand The Mind continues.