Mental Chatter

A common enough phenomena these days

A busy mind that continues to fill the gaps between the thoughts. Is this the default setting or a glitch in the system?

Do we consciously keep filling the spaces or is this an avoidance of the possible emptiness between thoughts? Or, as I suspect, is it the result of a very judgmental personality?

When we go through very early childhood we are ‘educated’ into me, mine, you, yours, good bad, right, wrong and this programming becomes the default setting through which we view the world and consequently respond / react to certain situations. It is almost as though we see the world through heavily tinted sunglasses, a significant distortion of reality. So much so that we are convinced our world view is ‘real.’

The more radical our upbringing the more polarised we are, the more polarised the more judgmental of others who do no fit into our world view.

In my experience, this polarisation, based simply on personal judgments is reflected in our internal systems, the body seeking out situations that it considers good or right and opposing situations that it considers bad or wrong. This affects us on a cellular level which in turn affects the manifesting reality. The reality that such a polarised consciousness finds itself often feeds back what appears to be proof that our point of view is correct. So the external reality becomes a reflection of the internal reality. The internal reality is created by particular ways of thinking.

All the time thinking remains judgmental about what it considers good / bad, right / wrong it will continue to see the world through those same, heavily tinted, sunglasses. In turn the manifesting reality, seen through those same sunglasses, will continue to be one filled with conflict justify the individuals points of view.

This seems to be the sort / history of the world. When the world is seen through my sunglasses, which are of a different tint to the sunglasses of the others I am constantly forced into a situation where I need to control my reality in order to feel safe. Unfortunately the default for this is violence. Live by the sword, die by the sword. It seems people never learn.

I believe, that it is this polarised / judgmental consciousness that keeps the mind super busy. All the time we need to make decisions, to choose (or believe we choose)! between paths. Trying to decide the best way to deal with situations. It seems to me that this polarised thought first manifests in the body, then, through conditioned expectation, manifests in our external reality. And around and around we go.

Hopefully there comes a point in our lives when we begin to see that the old reactive ways, based upon our conditioned past, are not the way forward. If this realisation arises, then we begin looking for alternative ways of dealing with life’s issues. Because we are still very much caught up in the old conditioning, the alternative paths we find are still products of the old way of seeing life.

So we seek answers still within the system that created the problems, further complicating the recovery process. It was Einstein who said that problems cannot be solved with the thinking that created them.

Yet still we try, for various reasons we are unable to step back and see the issues from a more objective point of view.

Eventually, hopefully, there comes a time when a real recognition arises that no matter what we try, nothing really changes. Then we begin a different journey.

A path will open that, if we follow it, will lead to more internal state of peace, with that our external reality becomes more peaceful. There may still be those caught in conflict, still trying to resolve issue through the old, violent way, but ‘our’ reality starts to shift.

One of these paths may be simple acceptance. Understanding the issues from a very different perspective it becomes possible to start accepting whatever shows up, without judgement, blame or taking personally whatever manifests. This takes practice and can be a slow journey but all the time any system is not feeling safe it cannot open up to change. So slowly slowly.

With gradual acceptance comes less judgment, with less judgement there is less conflict internally and later, externally.

When there is less conflict on our path that body starts a healing process, it relaxes, allowing the body to heal itself.

When there is less judgement the mind begins to quieten down. Less thoughts, less busy-ness. More space between the thoughts, no longer the need to fill those quiet spaces. This all arises naturally, no mind to ‘tame’ the mind, it just happens without obvious effort. The more the mind becomes still, the easier it becomes to continue the journey of acceptance. The more acceptance, the less judgement, the less judgment, the less conflict, both internal and external and slowly, problems and appeared insurmountable begin to fall away.

A path worth following for those concerned about the future of humanity.