Impulsive Behaviour

There has been a lot of talk in social media, and elsewhere, about creating a better reality.

If it were as simple as some people would have you believe then everyone would be rich, healthy, happy etc. Obviously it isn’t, people are still looking. Then what is the problem?

For a start I believe that we have been creating our personal reality for many many years, possibly lifetimes. The fact that we create more chaos and confusion and conflict is, to me, a sign that whatever creative impulses we inherently have are filtered through what we call our personality.

Try to see that this ‘personality’ is a product of what we have been taught or inherited during the formative years of our lives in this physical reality. There is a lot to this personality that remans in the sub-conscious, Jung referred to this as ‘The Shadow.’

While information exists in the shadow, of which we remain quite unaware (it is after all in the sub-conscious!) then we remain victims to this information even though it forms a substantial part of our ‘personality’. Jung said that we call this hidden force ‘fate’ – my words now – fate is something we accept and try to live with, spending a lot of energy trying to control, manipulate, avoid the consequences of this hidden force.

Imagine now that the world we appear to live in is a hologram, or more correctly, a holoverse, since it is a continual state of unfolding and not static as a hologram suggests.

Also imagine that we, humanity, are constantly interacting within that holoverse. All the time we are transmitting information, in the form of thoughts, words, emotions or actions. Easy enough to understand, especially if you have practiced any space clearing as taught /shared by me. (You would have discovered the residue of emotional charge left in the environment, conditions allowing).

For the time being we will stick to emotional energy, for many this is the easiest to recognise, someone is really happy / angry / sad / depressed etc and we notice this and our body responds or reacts based upon our own emotional state at the time.

Now, imagine that the emotional discharge is an impulse, a force, originating in the body of the individual, building in intensity and then discharged. Almost like sending out a shock wave. This impulse will, to some degree, affect the holoverse. Which in an abstract way affects our reality, or at least our perception of our reality.

There are different ‘levels’ of these impulses, some strong, others weak to the point of insignificance. Yet they are all transmissions feeding energy into the holoverse. Combine these personal impulses and we begin to see how they have been / are creating our personal reality. Especially when we begin to realise that the effect of these transmissions / impulses comes back to us, as situations, relationships, experiences. The result of this is that we have to ‘deal’ with the products of these impulses without realising that they are simply products of our own creation, even though much of the creative force may well arise from the shadow / sub-conscious).

If all this is true then it follows that we have, since the beginning of consciousness created the world which we, personally, live in. We can also see that the impulses have arisen from a combination of the light and dark (conscious and sub-conscious) aspects of the self. Which would then explain why our lives are not always a bed of roses (without thorns) and contain such a mixture of pleasant and unpleasant experiences.
If we follow this path to a logical conclusion then it should be obvious that to create more health, wealth, happiness whatever then we need to bring shadow aspects into the light of consciousness.

Another issue presents itself. Because the need / desire for more, of anything, arises out of dissatisfaction with your current reality, dissatisfaction being a symptom of insecurity, you believe that ‘more’ will solve some basic problems. You may have more money and it may help you have a better quality of life but it is not going to change who you fundamentally believe yourself to be.

As the shadow / sub-conscious is brought more and more into the light of consciousness then your needs will automatically change, you will no longer be quite so driven by the sub-conscious, insecurity will fall away and will be replaced by a greater sense of peace in the here and now. When this happens there is no longer the same need for more.

In part, this is because your creative impulses are now much more pure, more conscious and less needs based. So as the shadow is consciously absorbed your creative powers become more obvious, you are more careful, or conscious, of the energy you are feeding back into the holoverse because you realise that you are indeed getting back what you put in.

Now instead of putting chaos and confusion, desire and conflict into the holoverse you reduce the amount of information you feed into the holoverse and your true, inner nature begins to shine and that is what gets put in and that is what comes back. No longer passing through the dense clouds of the personality you see that you get back who you are.

These impulses are far more important that any current desire for more, they go way beyond that. More of the next month.