What Clearing Can Offer the Practitioner.

It seems too easy to feel that clearing is just a tool that we can use to help others reach a more peaceful, settled state.

What becomes obvious, over time and practice, is that clearing helps the clearer just as much, if not more, than the clearee.

We rarely take the time to step back and take a constructive look at our personal journey, so lost are we in the ‘game’ that it is hard to be objective about the part that we play. So it becomes difficult to notice exactly what is happening to us and why. We are so accustomed to the busy-ness of life that we fail to notice the effects that our way of life is having upon us, often with long term adverse results.

One of the many benefits to the clearing practitioner is that, slowly, over time we begin to notice more and more the state of the body. One of the important aspects of change is the ability to notice what is happening in the body, before we are able to notice we remain victims to our past conditioning.

Why do people get such relief from symptoms when they connect with me (or others) I could say that it is because I have been practicing and developing my own ability to notice and let go for over 35 years, but that doesn’t explain what is happening, or why?

I have come to believe that the reason people find relief is that the stillness I am able to hold within myself. There is a peace within, meaning that chaotic energy, no matter where it comes from just collapses, as a direct result of the peace that I have found (as a result of the years of practice).

This inner peace affects all those it comes into contact with, without my having to ‘do’ anything.

This was really obvious on our recent 10 day retreat in Sri Lanka. Now I suspect that any impact my energy had on the staff, and other Sri Lankans we met was due in great part to them being brought up in a Buddhist culture. Having said that, their ability to recognise this peace in me was clear.

Along with greater inner peace comes greater comfortability with people and an expanding openness. I have always had an ability to smile in fact it was a ‘nickname’ many years ago in Australia, now that smile is opening doors in many ways.

Trying to get people to understand, in the late and lovely Ram Dass’s words, “You will always find what you are looking for.” Not a conscious search but a projection often from the sub-conscious, or Jung’s Shadow.

Or, to use the words of poet Constantin Cavafy, “The Lestrygonians and the Cyclops, the fierce Poseidon, you will never encounter if you do not carry them within your soul…”

I have met many, hopefully all, of my personal demons on this journey and through understanding and awareness have been able to collapse the energy of those ‘demons’ to the point where I no longer meet them on my way. They do not show up because the energy ( Frequency) of which they were ‘made’ has already been collapsed in my ‘heart.’

It is hard to reconcile yourself to this understanding if you are still lost in the drama of life, if you still feed the energies of greed, fear and ignorance. For what you feed, knowingly or otherwise, is going to be what shows up on your path. Best collapse it before it shows up, so much easier.

There are many stories about individuals dealing with their demons, a classic – St. George and the Dragon. Was the dragon real or was it symbolic of St. George fighting his personal demons? The story to Gautama Siddhartha, the evening before his enlightenment when Mara, the god of illusion sent all sorts of phenomena to try to seduce Gautama back into the world of illusion.

For me, it has not really been a journey slaying dragons but of understanding the nature of the world we appear to live in. This understanding has arisen as a result of the clearing, or as it is sometimes know, the Practice of Acceptance. This ‘Practice’ has been a round-about way of dealing with the demons without confronting them. For with an understanding what ‘they’ are comes the acceptance and embracing of the various frequencies that we give often, very emotive, names to. So, the energies of the demons collapses well before they show up on the path.

How do we know we have collapsed them? They no longer present themselves along our path.

This realisation comes about as a result of practice, I am sure there are many paths that lead to the same place, stick with it and discover for yourself that inner peace, that radiance that comes with a true understanding of the nature of Greed, Fear and Ignorance.