What! Another Speed Bump!

Does your life seem to be a continual series of speed bumps?

Some very minor, some like great tsunami’s?

We may have come to the belief that we are creating the world we live in and are therefore responsible for all those speed bumps. 2 points to consider.

IF you are still carrying around shadow (and how would you know other than asking for clearing often! Shadow aspects after all are buried in the sub-conscious) then many of our thoughts, words, actions are controlled, to a great degree by this shadow. Assuming this to be the case how can you possibly be responsible for what goes into the pond and what shows up. We are all, to some degree or other, victims to our past.

Point number 2, remember you are not alone in the soup! You are one of many, each putting in their own pebbles. This is what creates massive conflict in so many areas of life. So many conflicting wave forms all colliding, creating that which we call reality.

So, either you are getting back that which you put in, albeit unconsciously, or you are being swamped by what others have, and continue to, put in. We could say that as we are an integral part of the whole we are each responsible (? that word again) for what is / has been put into the pond. I am not convinced this is the case.

What I do believe – for the time being! – is that we have limited control over how we deal with what shows up. This is dependant upon what we notice. Remember, for any personal growth to happen there is a pre-requisite, and that is that we feel safe. If information, people / experiences present on our path that we do not feel safe with we may either ignore them or lose ourselves in fear. This is obviously a matter of degrees and changes with each person and each situation.

If we are still victims to the past, and that past involves fear in any of its many forms, then our response to that which shows up will be based on personal experience, memories of past trauma. We may not be conscious of this ‘past trauma’ we are simply reacting, without real awareness, to the situation that presents. It does not need to be fear of course, it may be something that was constantly reinforced by others.

So, for much of our lives we are just reacting to whatever shows up. We may think we have a choice, but any choice we believe we have is limited by the shadow or personal judgements we have made in the past, again without any conscious awareness that we are making them!

Now we get closer to the idea that we are creating the world we live in. All the time we remain unaware and consequently react to that which shows up we are adding energy to whatever is showing up. This is creating the ongoing reality that we live in. Put simply, all the time we give energy to that which shows up we are guaranteeing that it is going to show up again in the future, and with more energy each time. This causes us to react more strongly, we try to discover a way to deal with each situation. This response assumes that whatever is showing up is real and needs to be dealt with.

This is not just a personal issue it is global, widespread!

This may be one of the most important points associated with Clearing. For those of us on the path of Clearing we practice noticing, and each time we notice we recognise, more and more, that that which we are noticing doesn’t belong to us. It, whatever it may be, arises as a result of our putting our attention on another, or an environmental energy. Before putting our attention on this ‘external’ object we were lost in our own past. By focussing awareness on something outside of the self we can see how that shift in focus affects our body.

This of course, sometimes slowly but progress is made nonetheless, allows us to accept another piece of the bigger picture. We learn to feel safer with information. Information that we were previously unaware of, possibly information that was stored in the shadow. As we develop our practice it becomes more of an everyday, moment by moment process, something we think less about, it just happens.

It happens because much of the information we meet along the way is information that we now feel comfortable with. Whether this existed in the shadow or not, we are learning to accept / embrace more information.

When we feel comfortable, we no longer notice, to the same debilitating degree, that which we previously could not accept.

By continuing to apply this practice of acceptance any shadow aspects must reduce, fall way, lose intensity until poof, they are no more.

Back to the speed bumps / tsunamis. When, through your practice, you no longer react to that which shows up, no matter whose pebbles caused the experience, you no longer feed that particular story. When you no longer feed the drama then the drama will die, perhaps not for everyone, for most still believe and therefore feed / energise the drama.

When that particular drama dies, in your reality, it will no longer show up on your path.

So, you may not be fully responsible for what shows up along the way but you can begin to collapse the many dramas that do show up. This opens many doors to new understandings, which, if you understood them now you would be living them now. Of course you are living the limits of your understanding now, and will always do so, just remember,.

From Hamlet

There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.