The Journey

I hear a lot of people talking about our journey as though we have a choice about what we do, where we go, even what we think. We may like to think we have choices in life, and we may even, to some limited degree have choices.

We can look back at certain points along our way and see where we had a choice, that choice could have been between A, B or C. But that is not much of a choice really, what happened to D, E, F, G, H I etc?

I believe any ‘choice’ that we do have is simply a product of previous choices, which in their turn were products of previous choices?

How far back do we need to go, where did the decision making process start? If we are to believe current ideas, then during the early years of childhood there were no choices, Our brains were in a different state, choices were made for us ( ? By people with limited choices themselves!) So, those early, formative, years were not something we were consciously involved in. Call it what you like, education, hypnosis, brain-washing, or simply conditioning.

For the most part we assume we started from a blank canvas when we were born, an empty being waiting to be filled with information in this third dimensional reality. But what about pre birth, during your mothers pregnancy? The conditioning, did it start there, was that just genetics?

Or did the journey start before conception?

Jung proposed that the dream state, a state that is beyond time and space — if you dream you will understand this — and this idea gave rise to the belief that a part of us does indeed live beyond time and space, this may well be a part that never dies, the body we know exists in time and space and has a use by date, but consciousness?

How can ‘clearing’ be effective, whether you are standing next to someone, they are in another room, or indeed on another continent? Time and space seem to not apply when clearing.

Even associating this with the mind is not an answer. For if, as I believe, mind is non-local, meaning mind is not confined to time and space, then mind, or should I say Mind is everywhere at all times. Is my mind everywhere then (sometimes it appears that way lol)! But what if I do not possess a mind, what if the body, with its unique nervous system is the interface between me and Mind. My nervous system is interpreting Mind and then the energy that I give to thoughts and feelings is fed back into Mind, which in turn creates the world I believe I live in.

Now, back to the journey. Mind, being timeless assumes that it is eternal, no beginning, no end. Our body is limited in time and space but our consciousness isn’t.

Is it then not reasonable to assume that consciousness existed, in a different form perhaps, than the body, consciousness would then be a continual stream. The body merely a device to experience separation from the Mind, the body then may well contain memories of events having little or no relationship to this current body.

IF this is the case then previous experiences made decisions, which created certain ‘realities’ certain paths. Then it is possible, even likely, that decisions made in different experiences (bodies) have been responsible for current experiences and choices. So life is a continuum seemingly broken by death and birth but in actual fact never dies, just progresses through experiences.

So where does the decision making (choices) enter. We ‘choose’ based upon previous choices. From no highway at all, our choices lead us to a super highway, the choices narrow down — a major road — a minor road — a back street — a country lane — a path through a forest! Each time, each decision we make leads us into a place where decisions, or choices, become fewer and fewer.

With less choices available to us we follow certain paths, making choices based on where we find ourselves.

Who was / is responsible for those actions based on choices which were never really choices in the first place. Once upon a time we may have had many possibilities to choose from but the process of choosing gradually limits options, until there appear to be no options.

We continue down, what appear to be preset paths, into other bodies, other lives, still carrying the conditioning from the previous existence. We are victims to the past. Who is to blame? Who can judge?

I suspect that to get shaken out of this dream like state is to wake up you a greater potential. There are many forces that can awaken us, some accidental, some traumatic, some people naturally (based upon previous decisions) gravitate to a conscious awakening, remember, decisions made now create the reality you believe yourself to be in.

What will you choose?