Questioning What is Real!

Reality – Is this something that can be known, taken a hold of, trusted? But what, if anything, is real?

We are so caught up in the manifesting ‘reality’ that we rarely, if ever question whether the world we live in is real or imagined. Taking the manifestation seriously requires us to be continually ‘do-ing’ something to maintain a comfortable state.

Realising it or not, much of what we face on a daily basis is in a state of chaos needing constant attention to retain a sense of safety and or control. For the practiced ‘clearer’ there is less possibly no more chaos, no more conflict, internal or external. The clearer develops this through a process of acceptance of what is, without putting any energy into the ongoing creation of situations that could give rise to conflict.

An efficient clearer can support others move towards a greater calm, within and without.

As our own internal state relaxes, order is slowly restored. As our system becomes more ordered, less conflicted so our environment follows.

When less conflict shows up in our environment, there is less energy needed to overcome it, for if it does not manifest then the ‘need’ to do anything about it falls away.

The main limiting factors, according to Buddhist Teachings, greed, fear and ignorance are the building blocks upon which our reality is based. Have you ever stopped to consider this? Take a look around you and see if you can observe the behaviour of those around you. Many are distracted by the business of the day, lost in the illusion that is their current reality. But can you see what lies beneath this distraction?

Assume, for a moment, that you, your thoughts, words, energy, is creating the world ‘you’ live in. This is one reason for the popularity of manifestation, always working towards a goal of some sort. If it were as simple as directing thought to a particular goal, then surely we would all be healthy and wealthy, a life free of conflict.

I have long maintained that we live in a ‘make-it-up as you go along’ universe. Easy to see by looking back into the recent past (where we do not have to rely on written history!) How different cultures held onto different perspectives of what was real. Various cultures have been overrun by other cultures, each bringing their own values and ideals. So, gradually, the old values are replaced by the new, there is nothing new in this process. Whether the world you live in is the result of conscious or accidental manipulation it is only supported by the collective giving energy to ideas and values. As we stop energising certain beliefs, so they fall away. Until a new ‘flavour-of-the-month’ comes along, depending upon how successful the marketing campaign for this ‘new’ idea is it may last days or years, or lifetimes.

This doesn’t bring us any closer to an understanding of just what reality is. Is reality that which we give energy to? Or is this another illusion that, by being energised, takes on the facade of reality.

If we spend our time trying to feel safe, valued, recognised then we perpetuate the illusion that we or others has created. Imagine being born into a chaotic environment, an environment that is not recognised as being chaotic because out has been that way for such a long time that it has been accepted as reality. We spend our lives trying to ‘do’ something about this manifesting reality in order to feel safe and comfortable. This is not only exhausting and demanding of a high price but simply continues to give energy to that which we find uncomfortable.

When a system, any system, is under stress its perceptions are affected making it almost impossible for the body to relax and heal and only adds to the discomfort. No longer able to recognise that the stress has been created by ourselves we struggle within that particular illusion.

There are many reasons why people may continue to give energy to certain beliefs or ways of life, yet those reasons can only arise from the chaotic state that we take so seriously. Remember, we are so far down the rabbit holes we no longer know which ways is up. For any of us lost in this drama the only option appears to be to continue to ‘do’ something to make things more comfortable. So, no way out, or so it appears.

This is where clearing can help, on a most fundamental level. Without blaming or judging, without personalising with the manifesting reality, it is possible to gradually restore a sense of balance, of harmony in the human system. No effort required, for effort is once again caught in the do-ing.

When a system is allowed to relax, having the stress and tension taken out of the body, the body not only begins to self heal it also opens its eyes to a broader picture of reality. If this process is nurtured, encouraged and given more energy, then it becomes the new reality. Have we just exchanged one illusion for another? In a way, yes, yet this new reality is one where less of the old manifesting reality is empowered and thus begins to collapse, it no longer being fed by your energy. With the collapse of the old doorways open to a different understanding, each one less dependant upon the old conditioning.

If you are able to follow this path to its conclusion, it becomes increasingly obvious that ‘reality’ is supported by those who give it energy, it is no more real than the fairies or the demons of past ages.

While lost, seek help, get someone to ‘clear’ you on a regular basis and discover for yourself the difference a relaxed body makes to your health, well-being and world view