How Judgemental Are You?

I believe one of the most challenging aspects of our lives and consequent manifesting personal reality is based upon how judgmental we are.

To even begin to see how powerful our judgments are we should try and take a step back and see a bigger picture. Just what is it that creates our personal reality? If we do not question this then we will likely remain lost in that judgemental world and continue to create more of the same.

Some people think that we live in a computer simulation! I am not so sure, I suspect that this language, this description is quite recent, as we depend more and more upon computers to run many aspects of our world then it is only natural to use the words ‘computer simulation’ to describe how our world is made and continues to be made.

When I began looking for a deeper understanding of the nature of the world we live in computers were not so well known. Instead the concept of the Hologram was put forward as a means of describing the world. This was refined into the Holoverse, as a Hologram is static whereas a Holoverse is a continual unfolding, and ever changing manifestation.

I have gone deeply into this concept in my latest book “In Search of the Deathless State,” still in production! For this short article please try to imagine that we exist, apparently as separate beings, in a sea of consciousness, The Holoverse. When a thought or a feeling is expressed it appears to be a discharge of energy, represented by a pebble thrown into this Sea.

Imagine a still pond into which you show a pebble, the pebble causes ripples to spread out in ever expanding concentric circles, You are not the only person throwing pebbles into the pond and all thess other pebbles, creating their own series of expanding ripples interacts with your pebble creating an interfering wave pattern. According to the concept of the Holoverse it is these interfering wave patterns that create the world we (you!) live in. A great book that explains this is “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot, well worth reading if you can find a copy.

If we follow this reasoning we can see how that which we put in comes back to us. Seemingly this just confirms our beliefs. This ‘pond’ and the feedback we get is not judgemental. This is important to understand, it is simple, we get back that which we put in, there is no higher power judging us and deciding what we get back. We get back only what we have put in.

Getting back what we put in keeps us in a loop of our own creation. Continuing to give energy to the beliefs we held which we put into the pond.

It then follows that if we put judgement into the pond, judgment comes back. If we take sides in any disagreement, that which we put in actually supports the feedback, thus creating ongoing conflict. When we get conflict back we are encouraged to put pebbles, supporting our point of view, into the pond. So, no matter which side we take, and ultimately we do not even need to take a side, our judgement is a part of the problem, continuing to add fuel to the conflict.

We may think we are fighting the good fight, against a common enemy, save the this, save the that, save the planet, stop the war, when in reality our opposition is actually perpetuating the drama. I have many personal experiences of this. Anxiety! A major issue on the planet today, maybe it has always been here – I don’t remember!

Whilst I identified with anxiety, while my body experienced the feelings of anxiety, I would be throwing pebbles of anxiety into the pond. I was judging anxiety as something uncomfortable and therefore not good. If I was in a crowded space, for example, and felt anxiety in my body, all the time I judged it I would be giving energy to it. My giving energy to anxiety simply reinforced and energised the feeling of anxiety in the room.

After some work around anxiety I was able to notice anxiety but not identify with it personally. This meant that my body no longer went into the feeling of anxiety, no longer energising it. So, being able to notice without reacting and taking personally the feelings, of anxiety, the ‘wave’ of anxiety was not being supported.

With time and practice that anxiety ‘wave’ meeting no resistance or support in me it collapsed. If we are able to collapse anxiety then we become a part of the global solution to anxiety no longer being a part of the problem. This applies to whatever we ‘give’ our energy to. Whether we give it consciously, or it arises out of our subconscious, it matters not. We are supporting / creating that which we judge, remaining a part of the problem.

If we want to see peace in our world we must first become that peace in ourselves. A judgmental self is not at peace, but is waging an internal war in its mistaken belief that opposing something will bring the opposite.

What do you judge? What part are you playing in continuing the drama that you oppose?

Are you enjoying this game of life or are you still taking it personally?

While we remain asleep to the motivating forces that control our lives we will continue to struggle against injustice little realising that our struggle simply reinforces that injustice.