About Eric Dowsett

After being introduced to Space Clearing in Australia over 20 years ago Eric has developed his own process for clearing the space and people based on his understanding of the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and non-attachment.

Eric travels the world sharing the knowledge he has gained on his own path working with the energies of the environment, restoring balance and harmony through a process of not doing. Balance and harmony need to exist within us before it can manifest and be sustainable outside of us. This became very obvious to Eric through his work with the environment and his approach to clearing the space and people reflects this passive but powerful approach.

One thing that has remained true all along the way is that personal safety is the key to opening up and moving beyond past limitations.

Eric has been teaching and sharing this information for over 20 years and has developed a unique style of presenting what could otherwise be a very complicated subject.  Using simplicity, laughter and compassion, difficult subjects are made clear and easy to understand, his audience is always amazed at how simple (and powerful) the ‘Clearing’ is.


Short introduction to the concept of clearing

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My journey

My journey has been quite varied. Searching for something – the self? Travelling to many countries, living with the locals, getting a better understanding of how and why others live as they do the search was partly externalised. In a way I was looking outside to find out who was inside. But as we never really leave ourselves behind I was only able to observe those around me through the same eyes I had left home with.

But getting out of old patterns, exploring new opportunities did help to break down old, accepted, ways of being allowing a more fundamental ‘me’ to surface.

The part of the journey that was really directed inside, perhaps the hardest part, was aided by my introduction, and exploration of ‘clearing’.

The more I practiced this, the more my perceptions of what was real, and why it was so, changed. Old belief patterns fell away, to be replaced by new ones, which in turn also fell away. This has become such an ingrained aspect of my life now, even the new beliefs that arise are no longer taken as any ultimate truth, just a view of life that passes away.

The ‘Clearing’ has helped me, not only to better understand myself, but to recover parts that were lost in early childhood, but recovering them with awareness, without emotional attachment or pain, to perhaps make myself whole once again.

I don’t believe that we are ever not whole, this is a perception we carry, so that we have a goal, but the ‘clearing’ has shown me there is no goal, we are already there.

Did I have to travel extensively to find this out? Did I need to discover ‘clearing’ to help me along the way? Who knows, but life is a journey, perhaps leading nowhere, and I still tread the path.

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett