Space Clearing

What is it and how does it work…

It is sometimes known as Feng Shui or Energy Clearing.

Many people today are aware of the possibility of damage to the body from various technological energies,  some people are so sensitive they cannot use cellular telephones or have to limit their exposure. Others, less sensitive may be aware but as they don’t feel anything when they use the cell phone think that there is no harm. Some research suggests there is a link between ELF EMR and cancer, I suspect many factors are involved but all should be considered.

There are many more energies other than ELF EMR around in our homes and workplaces that can affect us though.

Quantum Physics is now suggesting that all matter can present as either particles or frequencies (wave lengths) I work with the idea of frequency, easier for me to explain and for others to picture.

If we see all matter as various unique frequencies, includes the physical body, the earth itself, emotion, sunshine, ELF EMR etc. then it is not so hard to imagine how all energies are interacting all of the time. This interacton is, after all, is what happens when someone is adversely affected by the micro-wave radiation from their cell phone etc. Extend this understanding to all energies and the next step is not so hard to understand either. All energy fields are in direct relationship to all other fields and each affected, by and affecting, the others.

I suspect someone with a good, strong immune system is going to be less affected by the various environmental energies than someone whose system is compromised. Who is to say though, who is and who is not affected by the earth’s magnetic field, naturally occurring underground water, geological fault lines, technology, or emotional ‘residue’ left behind as a result of trauma in the environment.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and of the many people I have worked with, very few are really in balance themselves. An individuals own, often sub-conscious, imbalance affects the energies and people around them, as the energies of others, and the environment affect those who share such spaces.

There are many symptoms associated with various ‘disturbances’ in the Earth, some of those disturbances are the magnetic field of the earth, naturally occurring underground water, geological faulting disturbance. Symptoms range from a simple headache to heart disease, from emotional restlessness to cancer, the effects such energies have on the body can be instant or accumulate slowly.

‘Clearing’ the energies of the earth, technology and emotional charge left behind by previous inhabitants is a powerful way to create more balance and harmony in the home or workplace.

There are many approaches to working with theses energies, ‘Clearing’ as I practice it, has developed over many years, from a process of ‘do-ing’, to one of ‘be-ing’. Be-ing does not require that the practitioner know how to fix the problems, rather they understand that problems are a manifestation of imbalance, and by the personal work they have done upon themselves, understand how their presence affects the energy of the clients home or workplace.

A Space Clearing consult is as much an educational experiences as it is anything else, and will leave the home or workplace in a more balanced harmonious state. Differences noticed by the client and include ‘more peaceful’, ‘lighter’, ‘more relaxed’. Essentially ‘Clearing’ de-stresses both the environment and the people living in the space.

When our environment is at peace, then there is a good chance that we to will find peace (relative to any inner sabotage patterns that may be running – and that is another story)

For private consultations, Space Clearing or Personal Clearing in your area please email for the closest practitioner, or contact Eric for a Skype Consultation.

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— Eric Dowsett