About Clearing

As I understand things, on a very fundamental level, we have two main options – two seemingly different paths for us to walk. One, to try and ‘do’ something about the manifesting reality, and two, to wake up from the collective illusion.

Whether we are aware of this or not depends, I suspect, upon the bigger picture of our past. For many it is not even on the radar, for, in order to see the difference we must be able to look outside of the current collective expectations.  While we are caught in the collective our goals are predetermined, our ‘points of view’ established, our thinking limited, our internal polarization set and our ability to think outside the box nonexistent.

If we look at the majority of main stream social media today we can see people trying to reshape society, to dream new dreams, to introduce a ‘new’ world, to ‘do’ something that will make a difference in the manifesting reality. We see many thoughts, ideas, points of view being expressed, for the most part, all in opposition to other thoughts, ideas, points of view.  Those other thoughts, ideas and points of view are all held in place by the polarised thinking of the collective. Therefore, it follows, that any opposition to current thinking is supporting the current paradigm without conscious awareness that it is doing so.

An example: A friend recently asked why they were so tired when they took their holiday. If you are an experienced ‘clearer’ you will understand, but there are many people new to clearing reading this (I hope!) So an explanation (or reminder) will not be wasted.

Very briefly – for this could be the subject of a book, so much is involved – our environment reflects back to us who we believe our selves to be. Our home – decorated according to our taste, personality, budget –  supports, on a daily basis, who we think we are. Our family is an ever present reminder. Our place of work and colleagues continue to support this program, which, because of the constant pressure this system maintains, doesn’t give us a moment to reflect. For those who do dream a different dream the established order of our ‘reality’ will work all the time to bring us back into the collective thought causing us to question and doubt our own dreams. Effectively putting a lid on any escape plan we may have been searching for. (Pause for thought – ‘who’ is dreaming the dream?).

Who we think we are is not necessarily who we are in truth, it just happens to be who we currently believe ourselves to be. Yet as our environment reflects back to us the energy that we have put into it, and the energy that we have put in is simply a belief that this is who we are, we are caught in a loop that keeps repeating itself. We have trouble reaching our dreams because our shadow, the hidden, buried, unloved, unaccepted parts of our self are equally responsible for creating the reality that we wake up to each morning. So we are caught in acts of self sabotage daily, issues that are buried deeply within us constantly attack any higher thoughts or ideals we may have, drawing us back, all the time to the collective reality.

And we do not even know this is happening, for so lost in the illusion that we live in are we that even if any questions arises, they arise from the illusion, and are answered from within the illusion

This causes a state of internal polarisation which in turn causes stress, which in turn cause all manner of reactions. Many are physical, the body starts to malfunction and breakdown, because there is no inner peace the body can only sustain good health for so long before the pressure gets too much. Our emotional world suffers as well, because while there is internal conflict – whether or not this is known and accepted – the inner conflict simply is reflected back by those around us. It is often those closest to us that reflect us most intensely. We, in our turn, tend to blame them for our own discomfort. Another loop!  And our environment, because we are in a very close and personal relationship with our total environment, the earth itself responds / reacts to the energies of those living upon it. While we remain in internal conflict the earth will reflect that.

All of this leads to our wanting to ‘do’ more to try and create a reality within which we feel more comfortable, safer, happier etc. The more we do, coming from the polarised state, the more conflict, externally, we create. The more challenges we then face on a physical, mental or emotional level. Yet another loop, for there is no resolution, no peace, no safety, no happiness while we remain caught in the loop.

We may appear to want change, change to the social order, to the economic disorder, to the political world. Yet all we are doing, at least until we have become the change that we seek internally – totally – is to simply support the current status quo by our opposition to it (which, remember, arises from our own internal polarisation). As within – So without. Nothing new in that idea.

Now, back to the tiredness. If we unwittingly keep ourselves lost in the loop, and, as mentioned earlier, this loop is never ending and self perpetuating, we are keeping our bodies in a state of tension. Stress that results from that tension causes us to do more, without any satisfying result. This leads to the body having to work really hard to maintain a healthy, balanced state. This is something that is not sustainable and the breakdown in the body, emotional relationships, environmental systems is inevitable. Look around, what do you see?

When we take ourselves out of the usual day to day expectations, for example when we go on holiday, there are no longer the old reminders surrounding us, the environment is unfamiliar, the routine changed. This change allows the body to relax, something it has not been able to do all the time it is held by its projections or the established order supported by all of those people in your world who are lost in the loop and reflect that back to you.

When the body relaxes, as we have seen from the research on blood work we have done, one of the first things that happens is, you’ve guessed it, exhaustion. The more internal chaos that existed, the more exhaustion the body experiences. If the body is allowed to process the cycle, meaning it has enough time and awareness to work through the process of chaos / exhaustion / re-booting / re-balance, then that person will be refreshed. Refreshed that is, until they go back to the old, the familiar, and is reminded of who they think they should be. Because the old patterns are so familiar any questioning the person may have about their reality is short lived. They fall quickly back into the expected and the cycle begins again – balance into chaos into exhaustion into reboot – if you are lucky and the chaos doesn’t take you out!).

Time Out!

If the body is not permitted enough time out from the forces that maintain the chaotic illusion there is no time available when the person can question what is truly going on. Without the opportunity to question the body remains stressed, remains polarised in its thinking, continues to support the illusion that there is a better illusion to be had, if only it worked harder, did more, campaigned more, fought more. And here we are in the loop once more.

So, it is hardly surprising when we see so many people hoping for some ‘alternate’ reality, a new dream, some great cosmic shift, yet we are still caught in the loop, the loop of wanting something that we do not currently have. Something that we believe will make us happier, safer, healthier. There is nothing that will make you happier, safer, healthier all the while you fail to see the part you are playing in creating both your own, personal, reality and the reality of the bigger picture.

When you can stop judging and accept, stop struggling and let it be, stop wanting and start being, then and only then, will the manifesting reality shift. To what? Who knows, for the ‘job’ of the individual remains the same, loving acceptance.

Do not think that by loving acceptance you will support the old status quo, that is the thinking that caused the polarisation and has no place in a more peaceful, loving, safe reality. By accepting all that is you see through the illusory nature of the world you live in, you see things for what they are and you no longer support any reality, you no longer energise that which you believe to be wrong. As you do this, your body has less resistance to the flow of information, for you become less and less polarised internally. As your body has less resistance to all information so you become more balanced, as  you become more balanced your health returns to a state of well-being, your emotional world stabilises and your environment, the earth, relaxes.

Try it for your self     (Loving Acceptance)

Clearing allows the body its ‘time out’ it allows balance and a more peaceful internal state.. From this state all sorts of ‘new’ possibilities arise.

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett