Being in the retreat in France was an amazing experience. It opened many doors into my personal being. I’ve learned a lot, about clearing, myself, people around me and life in general.

Clearing is like a basic practical skill to learn. Once you know what it is about, you wonder how you could have got along without it, in your ‘previous/normal’ life. Once your heart is opened, there is no way back. It’s wonderful to be able to help yourself, your family and friends with clearing. It’s now part of my whole being and can’t think of living without this practical knowledge. Thanks a lot!

R. The Netherlands

This retreat was great! The group became very close & open during the week. I got to another state: more relaxed, open and without judgment and closer to the inner me.

This week has changed me; I’ve become more confident and relaxed. Upon return my partner, friends and colleagues noticed I was more at ease and much less stressed than before! I definitely can recommend this week!

A. The Netherlands





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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett