One of the biggest challenges in relationships is a lack of understanding of where the other is coming from. This arises because each person views life through their own unique filter system, a personality that has been developed over many years.

When there is poor communication a pressure builds up. I call this pressure ‘charge’ like an electrical charge that meets with resistance and begins to heat up. If this pressure is not released in a safe and gentle manner then it causes problems, both internally, on a physical / health level and externally where it creates problems with others and in the environment.

By ‘Clearing’ this charge before it manifests potential problems will not arise, leaving the way clear for more open communication.

The challenge is to see the cause of the charge before it builds up and overwhelms us. Because the nature of conflict that arises appears to be caused by a subconscious part of who we are it is almost impossible to see this objectively. Whilst there are still parts of our personality that we keep hidden, with or without awareness, then we will be subject to the more malign influences of those aspects which support us in blaming others.

Clearing will, if practiced enough, take the ‘sting’ out of those hidden aspects which in turn will cause them to no longer appear in your life.


The speed of this journey depends upon your ability to commit.

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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett