One experience by a student after clearing workshops

“It was while we were holidaying in the Flinders Ranges, that we met the sweetest of little female dogs, seated at the entrance to her owner’s outback store. Sadly, though, we found her, body pressed up against the wall, trembling with fear as each new customer approached.

Her owner confirmed that yes, this was how she normally spent her day, and he surmised that this was so as a result of cruelty shown to her by her previous owner. Not a life for such a beautiful little spirit of a dog, we thought, but then it occurred to us that we could possibly remedy that by clearing her!

Next morning, we were greeted at the gate by a very friendly, very confident little female dog, who was wagging her tail and asking for a pat! Later still, when I went to the shop looking for service, guess who greeted me at the entrance? No longer the shivering, petrified little soul in prison, but now a free spirit of a little dog, ready to face the world with confidence and eager anticipation of the kindness that most humans would freely offer her in the future!

Such a profound change. Such a simple act.”

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