I am continually delighted with the effects of the work on my own life. As I continue to practice noticing thoughts and feelings and simply accept whatever arises, without identifying (where I am able) it is as though ‘I’ am reborn on a moment by moment basis.  This allows the future to unfold in a way that is both new and familiar at the same time.  Still a lot of the more personal hang-ups pop in now and again, but are taken much less seriously on a deep level and pass ever more lightly.

This impacts on how events in my life unfold and of course, how I ‘choose’ to deal with those events. The more choice I appear to have at any given moment, the less likely I am to re-experience old patterns.

I continue to let go of the thought that I have any control over how my future unfolds, the work in particular. Once upon a time I felt the need to do something, to make sure workshops happened, for example.  This was a hard road, profitable possibly, but still full of doing and all that entailed.  After the Vietnam workshop I felt that the work had to unfold effortlessly, if obstacles arose and were not easily dealt with, then let the workshop go.. Life is too short to push too hard.  I should have enough experience of the path unfolding effortlessly by now to not get anxious about the future.  Anxiety simply becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and I can do without that (as I am sure we all can).

Accepting how things are doesn’t mean simply sitting back and letting whatever happen happen.

There are still workshops to organise, dates to set, venues to be booked.  Yet within the usual administrative side of presenting this work there is still room to move and go with the flow, a lot more open space in my diary for 2008, at least at the moment.
Noticing Change…

I am also noticing the long term effects of applying this way of being in the lives of many people around me. There appears to me a greater lightness of be-ing in those who have been practising this for a while. An increased  ease in dealing with situations that previously may have been much more challenging. In general, a relaxed lifestyle leading to more inner contentment.

Not always a quick fix though.  Perhaps that is why this way of being is not as widely accepted as I would have liked at this stage of the journey.  Yet it can be a quick, and sustainable ‘fix’.  The only thing getting in the way of change is you, you and your sub conscious addictions to old ways of being.  Yet, until these ‘addictions’ can be recognised there is little chance of fundamental change. Instead, what seems to happen is that, within our own personal drama, we seek to make sense of a world that is basically a product of our own imaginings.

This is not meant to place blame on anyone, this is simply a different way of observing life as it unfolds, and to see how, when we recognize the part we each play, on a cellular level, in creating the manifesting reality that arises, we can begin to make conscious changes to that manifestation.

Stop doing

It is both super simple, and one of the most difficult things in the world to do. It requires that we stop doing, something that many find enormously challenging, and start accepting.  With acceptance comes the realization that we have spent years running around, putting out fires, that we ourselves lit in the beginning.  Stop lighting fires and notice the changes that come into your life.

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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett