Should I expect immediate results from a clearing?

Any obvious shift in conditions after a clearing is dependant upon the ‘state of the person or environment before the clearing. It is more likely that any ‘clearing’ of the environment will yield more obvious results quite quickly than on a person.

People tend to hang onto patterns, because of early conditioning, and are reluctant to change. Even though they may tell you they are ready for change, what they really mean is that they are tired of the current patterns. When people are truly ready for change they will change.

Imagine, when some present with signs of physical distress, that condition did not arise over night, it is the result of possibly many years (excluding trauma, accident etc) of sub conscious conditioning that is finally manifesting as an imbalance in the physical. Perhaps some childhood belief has created a strong emotional response / reaction to certain stimuli. This has created a unique way of dealing with the trauma which may well have resulted in an association, or addiction, on a sub-conscious level, with an ‘unhealthy’ pattern. Over time this pattern becomes more and more obvious on a physical level, until one day, dis-ease or sickness manifests.

So what we see at any given time, is the tip of an iceberg, the result of long association with ‘unhealthy’ concepts. ‘Clearing’ will take, and release, a lot of the stress associated with the manifesting condition, to what degree this brings about obvious change depends on how far down the road of imbalance the person as travelled. Change also depends upon the nature of the disturbance, energetic disturbances can often be cleared in a few sessions, manifesting physical disturbance depends on the extent the disturbance has taken hold on a physical level. Psychological disturbance depends on cause and can take several sessions before a result is seen.

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  1. Brigitte says:

    Having had clearing sessions with Eric I can testify what a truly powerful experience these are. Although it is not always easy to articulate the ‘change’ these is a very profound one for me. Thank you!

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