#87 June ’16

Last month I wrote about 6 levels of understanding that we can apply to the clearing work.

If you read that you will recall level five, where we are still engaged in ‘doing’ something about whatever shows up, remember we are mostly concerned with charge that makes us feel uncomfortable.

When we experience discomfort of any sort, and we have been practicing our ‘clearing’ then, on one level, we know that the feelings we experience are not ours, simply the way the body has become accustomed to ‘feeling’ the energy and interpreting it. This level of awareness requires us to ‘do’ something with the feeling. With awareness, we acknowledge the feeling (name it) accept it without blame, judgement or, most importantly, identifying with it.

When we can reduce the degree to which we identify with the feeling, whatever it may be, then we have begun the process of disengaging or breaking the addiction the body has to not only that feeling, but all feelings. This can happen because we are re-educating the body in how it relates to information that it picks up on the journey of life.

For most it takes time and practice because we are so lost in the conditioning that claims all feelings as ours. This attachment to ‘body consciousness’ according to Buddhist teachings needs to be released in order for us to transcend the conditioned limitations that hold us prisoner.

Since, ultimately, there is no one to release the conditions, no one to go anywhere, nothing to do, it seems as though we are caught in a paradox. No one to ‘do’ anything, no where to go, no goal, no journey, just the moment. For those lost in the drama that appears as reality, there is obviously someone, there is something to do, somewhere to go, a journey, a goal. With this in mind, ‘clearing’ provides an opportunity for those who are lost to begin to see through the veil, by taking, what appears to be, conscious action.

Remember, ‘clearing’ has been ‘designed’ to self destruct, a bridge, that once crossed, becomes irrelevant. The more we practice ‘clearing’ the less we need it.

Which takes us to level six. Where we have managed to release all attachment, judgement and blame around any one issue, that issue is no longer controlling our actions from the subconscious. What this means is that a particular issue around which we have no charge whatsoever ceases to show up in our lives. Before we noticed the feeling and had to ‘do’ something to move beyond it. Level six means that the issue no longer shows up. We only realise this in retrospect.

While there is still someone ‘home’ who believes that there is something to do, then this process happens piece by piece. Eventually the realisation arises, after we feel safe enough to let go of more pieces of the puzzle, that it is all the same stuff, just wrapped differently. It is all just stuff, none of which is ‘ours.’

There then appears to be a period of rapid growth, a time when much of the conditioned expectations fall away, yet because of the training involved in the clearing process the shock of the transition is reduced and the mind has already begun to accept the concept of ‘no-self.’

We know while we are still attached to a sense of self whenever we take a situation, person or emotion personally. The ‘clearing’ provides a way to understand that and to work through such attachments in a safe and gentle way. It is only by regular, frequent practice that we can experience the many benefits of this way of being.

When level six starts showing up, or not, in your life your system starts to relax more. When your system is no longer stressed it spends less time in fight or flight, there is less vulnerability to sickness and disease, less challenging choices to make, less to worry about. Combine all of this and a different world view begins to emerge.
While you dance between levels five and six despair and frustration may arise as you are beginning to see the ‘old’ world through eyes that are not based in a fear based perception, another reminder to take take that which you perceive personally.

When the world that you are creating is not based on fear or attachment to feelings you are actually changing the world, your world. By not trying to impress your limited desires the illusion begins to collapse. Remember, even this will pass, if you let it.

Don’t get hung up on phenomena that shows up, acknowledge, accept, without blame or judgment and without identifying or attaching your self to some new vision or dream.

Breathe and smile, keep up with your practice, change your world, not based on personal likes and dislikes but learn to see it for what it is and who you are.

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett