#86 May ’16

How we can change the reality we live in…
As a result of the many years developing and practicing ‘clearing’ I have learnt many things. I have also ‘unlearnt’ many things. Ideas, beliefs, perceptions are simply nothing more than ideas, beliefs and perceptions, there is nothing real or sustainable about them other than the power we give them. They continue to manifest because of the constant input of energy we, as individuals, give them.

By continuing to give old beliefs energy we perpetuate the current reality in which we ‘find’ ourselves. It seems as though there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the current reality in many parts of the world, more and more people are voicing their discontent and attempting to change their reality. It also seems, to me, that most people are trying to change that reality from within the very reality they wish to change. This approach, as far as I can understand, is doomed
to failure because the nature of the problems that challenge many people arise from a basic misunderstanding of the nature of reality.

While we try to change a system from within we simply give energy to that system creating more challenges along the way, which in turn create conflict and require more energy to overcome.

Perhaps this can best be illustrated from the ‘clearing’ perspective.

There appear to be six stages through which we pass on this ‘clearing’ journey. These stages only arise because of our attachment to old conditioned beliefs, they are no more ‘real’ than any other perceptions, they just have the appearance of reality. While we are lost in that particular illusion we feel the need to ‘do’ something to bring back a more balanced state for ourselves and our family.

Number One: The stage at which there does not appear the need for a journey, there is little or no understanding that we are co-creating the world we live in. Here we are lost within the bubble that has been created out of our past, where we believe what we see, hear and read. Where we struggle within our self imposed limitations trying to find ways to improve our lives. Imagine walking in to a room that holds a lot of conflict and without any awareness, reacting to that conflict, blame and judgement and identification with the conflict in full force. That approach feeds the flames of conflict, whether we want to or not our blame and judgement affects those around us adding fuel to the conflict.

Number Two: After being introduced to ‘clearing’ we begin to notice how our feelings shift and change in relationship to our environment and those around us. Still we externalise, we blame and judge, unconsciously giving energy to that which we oppose. Now, we walk into the same room, we notice the conflict but are still lost in the conditioned past of blame and judgement,our attachment to this way of being still, subconsciously, controls our perceptions.

Number Three: As a result of our exposure to ‘clearing’ (for example) we walk into that same room and recognise the feelings associated with conflict. We are able to say “this is what conflict feels like” yet there is still a part of us that is reacting, subconsciously, to the feelings that arise in our awareness. We still try to do something with the feelings, lessen them, even perhaps ‘clear’ them. We are still reacting to the energy of conflict, while we continue to react we continue to
give energy to that which we find uncomfortable.

Number Four: With more practice we are able to walk into that same room, notice the energy of conflict, recognise it for what it is but we do not identify with the conflict. Instead we are able to accept this feeling, of conflict, embrace it without fear, without judgement, without blame. This approach literally collapses the energy of conflict in the room. We no longer identify with the symptoms of conflict yet we are still processing the information that we notice, basically we are
still ‘doing’ something with the feelings.

Number Five: As we have developed our practice so we have changed our neurological conditioning. By failing to give energy to that which we have noticed in the past we have allowed any subconscious addictions to certain ways of thinking, feeling or being, to fall away. In return we are better able to be in the moment, responding to situations rather than reacting to them.

We begin to see the world through different eyes. This may be a gradual process or can happen quite suddenly and dramatically. Yet the more we practice the more the heart opens to allow all information it receives which in turn creates a very different reality.

Number Six: As we have changed our neurological conditioning and opened our heart, fearlessly, to embrace whatever it encounters we create a very different manifesting reality moving away from the limits of any past conditioning. Now, even before we enter the room which holds conflict, we change that reality. Our heart literally collapses the conflict even before we meet it, for if we no longer hold conflict in our heart we can no longer meet it on the road. Now, walking
into the room, there is no conflict, there is nothing to ‘do’ to change things because we have already done the work, on our selves.

This is how we can change the manifesting reality, not by fighting the status quo but by refusing to give it any energy. Polarised opposites which create conflict only arise from our giving more energy to one of the ‘poles.’ Yet we see people lost in the drama, fighting for this or that, when all they are really doing is acknowledging the manifesting reality as real and continuing to support it by ‘taking sides.’

Learn to collapse the chaos instead of feeding it and see for yourself the changes that arise on your path.

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett