#79 October ’15

Have you ever wondered how you can change the world you live in?

For years now, at workshops, I have been quoting this piece from the book “Dreaming While Awake” by Arnold Mindell, Ph.D.

“…The other possibility is that we move out of time and space and let go of our identity. We become lucid about our sentient experience and, even before it manifest positive or negative figures, we become edge less. Even before we can talk about a tension, we change and let go of our hold on time and go with the flow. Such moments require a lot of awareness, personal courage and flexibility.”

This state or edgelessness is one of the many goals of the practitioner of ‘Clearing.’  We, in the ‘clearing community’ may use different language, but the end result is the same. We can also see one of the goals for the practitioner to be similar to the Buddhist practice of Tonglen where the master takes on the pain and suffering of those round and transmutes it through the power of the compassionate heart.

What does this mean for the person practicing ‘clearing’?

Imagine, for a moment that who we believe ourselves to be is nothing more than a collection of points of view that we hold about ourselves and the world around us, for simplicity we can call this collection the personality.

When we begin the practice of ‘clearing’ we begin to release judgement, blame and attachment to various points of view. The attachment to the identity of the personality becomes more fluid, we see how our attachments have created particular responses, which in turn have created the world we live in. Slowly, as we continue the practice,  our world changes because we are no longer energising old, accepted, ways of being. There are many patterns we hold that seem to be buried deep within us, aspects of what Jung referred to as our shadow. This idea that we have a ‘shadow’ becomes meaningless as we develop our ability to embrace these aspects of our self through a growing sense of safety that non attachment allows.

These are the ‘personal’ benefits, the freedom from the past allowing our system to relax, to heal itself of all sorts of trauma, physical, emotional or psychological that we have previously taken personally. The ‘clearer’ will also notice the effect their own growing peace and clarity has on those around them.

If we return to Mindell’s quote, “…even before it manifests positive or negative figures…” surely this is the essence of changing the manifesting reality that we believe ourselves to exist within.

For example. If you still harbour anger or fear in your sub conscious, you are going to meet anger and fear along the road. (Constantine Cavafy – “Ithaca”). If you have these aspects deep inside you and you walk into a room where others hold the same conditions and you have not yet recognised them for what they are, you are likely to externalise, to blame those around you for your current state.

But ponder this, if you have embraced the anger or the fear, completely, without reservation, then, before you even enter the room where the potential for conflict exists, conflict which would have previously triggered off in you a reaction of blame and judgement, the energy of conflict would have collapsed.

This serves at least two purposes, one, if you enter an environment where you experience anything other than loving kindness, you still have work to do. Two, if you have accepted all fear, all anger, then you heart will allow all conflict to collapse before you even become aware of the existence of anger and fear. And this is what Mindell means, it is the essence of Tonglen, it is the heart of the ‘clearing.’ If you collapse the cause of conflict before it can arise you will step into a very different reality, you may not realise you are living in a different manifestation because for you to realise that there would have to be subject / object and you would again be in a judgmental state.

We do not have to ‘show up’ to make a difference, we simply have to learn to love ourselves without reservation. This simple, yet difficult, achievement has no boundaries, no limits. There is nothing that will not be affected by the power of your compassionate heart. Just know that while you still judge there is room for more compassion. We can see the opposite of compassion all around us and we may wonder how we can make a difference while so many people appear to be feeding old fears.

Remember, it takes a lot of energy to sustain old patterns, it takes no energy at all to be compassion.

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett