#75 June ’15

Are You Aware of Your Words?

Do you ever pause to think before you speak? Are you conscious of your words? Where do your words come from?

Most words come from the conditioned mind, the part of us that we have become so accustomed to that we never bother to question it. That is, after all, who we are! Or at least, who we believe ourselves to be. “This is who I am! – I cannot change who I am”!

Well, with a belief system like that in place you are probably right, you will not be able to change who you are. If we try to understand where the words we use come from, and why, we can see how they create the world that we live in. We may think we have a choice of the words we use, but really, there is little, if any choice. We speak the words that our current level of awareness dictates.

Our words arise from a belief, or perception we have around who we think we are and our place in the world. For example, if I were to have experienced ‘not being heard’ as a child I would do everything I could to balance that out. Often the steps we take appear to be negative and excessive as we try to balance out our frustration at not being heard. Those steps would, for the most part, be subconscious, in that we would not be aware we were behaving in a way that may appear to others to be negative or excessive. If we are not able to see ourselves from a more objective point of view, then it is not possible that we are able  to question our behaviour and the words we use. We would, quite simply, be operating in an automatic reactionary way, a way that we would not even be conscious of and therefore unable to accept any responsibility to support fundamental change.

While we remain unaware we often blame, and externalise the cause for any difficulties we may encounter, blaming others, events or places for our discomfort. The language, the words we use reflect that perception thereby adding energy to whatever it is we are co-creating.

If then our words are the product of our conditioned mind, our mind is directly responsible for creating the world in which we ‘find’ ourselves. Our words are the tool through which we express ourselves and our words shape the world. If we come back to the example of ‘not being heard’ we will either have learnt to close up, to avoid social situations or we will ‘over express’ ourselves.

If we have learnt ‘scarcity’ in our childhood we would believe there is ‘not enough’ in the world and our words will reflect that perception. It doesn’t stop there, our words are vibrational, they send messages out to those around us and our environment in general. Those vibrations, all added up, create the world. If we are not conscious of our thoughts (why we think this or that, what we think and when we think) then our words cannot be conscious creative forces. The words will still create, but they create the opposite to what we believe we need in order to be happy, for the words are the result of a mind that is lost in a way of being that is not conscious of its actions.

Without consciousness we continue to use words without thinking first, even assuming we do think before we speak, if our minds are clouded by events from the past then the ‘choices’ we have as to what words to use and when to use them are limited by this conditioned state.

Whenever we speak from a place that lacks clarity, our words are, like our mind, chaotic. They create chaos, which only serves to justify a belief that we hold that the world is indeed a place that doesn’t listen, or is a place of scarcity. When we get this feedback we are forced into ‘doing’ more to overcome the scarcity, to be heard. All this does is deepen the hole we have been digging for ourselves.

If you are uncertain whether or not your words come from a place of clarity of chaos, look around you, how is the world manifesting for you? Any problems that seem to just keep coming round again and again. How easy, how effortless is progress? Do you struggle still with certain people or situations. Do you feel as though you are heard? Do you have ‘enough’?

Pause for a moment. Take a look inside, where do these words you use come from, and why those words in particular? They will be a reflection of your internal state. What is it that you feel you need to ‘do’ to help yourself?

We are all conditioned by our pass to some degree or other. When we can truly be free of judgement, of blame then our past ceases to control our present. When we are at peace within, the words we speak will arise from a peaceful mind. Peaceful words, words lacking in greed, fear or ignorance will create a world that is also lacking in greed, fear or ignorance.

It is not possible to imagine such a world while you are still speaking words that are fear based, greed based or from ignorance of your true nature.

You cannot imagine such a world, but you can create the conditions from which it can arise.

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett