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[download id=”225″] Believe it or not!


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[download id=”223″], Been There, Done That


[download id=”217″] Article Only – Heart or Convention


[download id=”216″]Article Only – Out Breath


[download id=”215″]  Article Only – Parallel Realities


[download id=”206″]  : Are You Aware of Your Thoughts? See how your thoughts are creating the world  you live in.  Life Skills For Now, the new focus for workshops. Workshops, new Face Book Page, ‘Become the Change and skype sessions.


[download id=”205″] “Is Violence Inevitable”?, more online meetings; free talk; workshops; skype sessions.


[download id=”204″]  ‘Reality – Yours or Mine?’ choosing from parallel universes. New Webinars for beginners, Workshops and Skype Consults.


[download id=”203″]:  Pondering the imponderable… Webinars; workshops; skype sessions


[download id=”202″]; Do you live in a Fantasy Land?, webinars, skype, workshops, the retreat explained


[download id=”201″]:  The Dilemma part 3, skype, workshops etc.


[download id=”200″]:  The Dilemma, continued.  New Webinar Series; Workshops


[download id=”199″]  –  Up or Down? Are we really going anywhere? Is there anywhere to go? New Showcase site; Skype Clearings; Workshop Schedule


[download id=”196″]  ‘Do You Ever Wonder’;  A New Years Treat; Streaming Videos; New, European Tour FaceBook Page


[download id=”194″] Who is in Charge? – return to Australia – 2014 European tour – skype clearings


[download id=”192″] Protection? Yes or No; Skype on the road; more workshops

[download id=”190″]  ‘Living in the Moment’, Awareness, No Where To Go, Nothing To Do! Tuscany, last minute bookings Workshops.


[download id=”189″]  Stand Clear, Returning Down-Under, Skype clearings, workshop schedule


[download id=”182″]  The Need to Belong!


[download id=”179″]

Beware the Gunships, skype, subtitles and workshops.


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[download id=”170″] :  The Transition from doing to being; videos to have subtitles; sms service returns; skype clearings increase and workshops


[download id=”167″],  Der Schatten – Segen oder Fluch?


[download id=”166″], The Shadow – Blessing or Curse, Think Once, Think Twice …. text messaging, skype clearings, workshops


[download id=”164″]:  ‘Decision Time’ – ‘Time Out’ – skype consults, home delivered reminders and workshops


[download id=”163″]; “Letting Go – Or Acceptance”, some things I like, new, text messaging, skype consults and workshops


November 2012: Compassion – Swami, a self made person, thus the dilemma, make a comment please, workshop news [download id=”159″]


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July 2012 – The price of peace – Meet your jailer – Help & support – new short video’s – Workshop news [download id=”151″]

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