Letting go of the pastLetting go of the past

Why would you want to do that? Most people are defined by their past, many are not even aware that their past is something that can be let go of. Even for those aware of the limitations their past can impose upon them find it hard, letting go of the past. This is primarily because we are so involved in the unfolding drama of who we believe ourselves to be it is very hard, if not impossible, to be objective about our situation.

Letting go of the past does not mean total amnesia about past events, it simply means that the intensity of the memories of certain events, people, feelings is reduced to a point where it no longer controls our lives. Much of the control of our lives is left up to the sub-conscious. Conditioning that we experienced, either as a child, through ancestral genetics or environmental influences often lies deep in the subconscious controlling what we see, how we see it and the reactions / responses to various people, places, emotions that we experience.

Whilst we remain victims to a past, that is buried in the subconscious, we are unable to change anything on any fundamental level. We try to change our lives, but that trying is coming from a place that is already lost in its conditioning. We can only strengthen the illusion of our life by adding energy to that illusion.

Letting go of the past

means, developing greater awareness about what is happening in our lives and how we feel about certain things, places, people, feelings. We gradually develop, through this noticing of feelings, a more objective point of view. If we can train ourselves to notice a feeling in its infancy, before it overwhelms us, letting go of the past is simple and painless.

When we can recognise, and not energise feelings that present in the body, we are, in effect, embracing, or loving parts of ourself that we have previously denied. As we accept more of ourself, so there is less hidden in the subconscious, so we have a better chance to become masters of our destiny rather than victims to our past.

Letting go of the past brings as yet unimaginable opportunities for a very different future.

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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett