Karen Johnstone was introduced to Eric Dowsett’s approach to energy clearing in 2000, and devoted herself to study and practice of energy clearing, deeply moved by its simplicity and power to release stress, facilitate growth and greater harmony.

Karen is a uniquely talented practitioner with a diverse set of skills and experience.  She has helped many individuals transcend personal issues, as well as remedy imbalances in their home and work environments caused by hindrances from technology, earth energies and/or metaphysical disturbances.  Karen has an insightful warmth and sense of humor that make her a joy to work with.

Karen offers a consultancy service that can be done on-site, or remotely.

For details and pricing, contact   karenjohnstone108@gmail.com

Energy Clearing for individuals, homes and businesses
Karen Johnstone Energy Clearing

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett