Kinnari Rokadiya is based in Mumbai, India, aged 35 years, a commerce graduate, earlier working in the field of Accountancy and Finance.

She loves reading and listening to music.

Kinnari was a very sensitive person taking herself and everything around her seriously and always strongly reacting to whatever issues that came up. That was the only way she knew how to live. There were many ‘WHY’s’ and ‘HOW’ in her life for which she did not have an answer to.

She was struggling to change herself and everything around her but every time she found herself in a deeper trap.

And then Eric came to India and she attended a few of his workshops on PERSONAL CLEARING, SPACE CLEARING AND TOXIC CLEARING. – A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE FOR HER. With every workshop, her understanding grew, and the change that she experienced can’t be described. Because it amounts to just words, but when we practice clearing, then these words make sense.

And now she is a Facilitator for the workshop that actually changed her way of being. So, come and experience clearing in the workshops. She has successfully completed one Personal Clearing Workshop as a facilitator and all the participants in the workshop have also found a very different way of being by practicing clearing.

For Space Clearing Consultations and Personal Clearing Workshops please feel free to contact Kinnari

It is her belief that when more and more conscious beings practice clearing, the world will be a very different place to live in.


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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett