If we live in a stressed environment, and in my experience many of us do, then that environment will hold us prisoners to that stress.


Because we are interacting all of the time with our environment, we are affected by, and affecting, the energies around us. If we ‘inherit’ a stressed environment, ie move into a house where there are energetic disturbances, then it will not be long before we begin to suffer, and we will wonder why. Often the last place we look for any cause for distress is under our bed.. Yet beneath the bed, the earth energies will affect us more than any other area, simply because we spend so much time there, in a relaxed, open state.

Learning Space Clearing, either at a course, or online, will help you locate areas of disturbance, you then have a choice, a) move your bed, or b) apply the simply process taught in the Space Clearing workshop and clear the disturbed energies. Simple and powerful, this process can be learnt by all and employed to create a more harmonious home or work environment.

4 Responses to How important is Space Clearing?

  1. kathy lipschutz says:

    Space Clearing is one of the most powerful tools and personal interest as a Feng Shui Practitioner.

  2. Karen says:

    Space Clearing is such an important part of my day-to-day practice, and a powerful offering I have as a practitioner, for those who are unfamiliar with Space Clearing.

    Personally, with a simple day-to-day practice, I notice, and I take a moment to be aware: aware of how I feel, what thoughts, feelings, and emotions come to my attention as I enter a place. What am I picking up on? In what way does it resonate with me? In that moment, I can be aware of subtle or prominent information. I can also be very mindful of how I show up, and what i bring to the space. This is a simple practice I do when I go to work and get off the elevator to head to my office, or when I come home, or go to a show, or to a store. It doesn’t require any particular tools to practice, yet it can have some powerful influence in how I react and respond to where I am and what I experience, and what I am contributing to the experience of others.

    As a practitioner, with the tools of the trade, I get to show a client how energy is moving within the space, perhaps locate an area that holds information that in the clearing practice of being available for that information, can get heard, and agitation, fear or ignorance can come to light. This can be quite liberating. to acknowledge with a compassionate presence and intention, then notice how one feels after that, and what comes to mind in the space afterwards. So many times, I have seen and felt a shift in perspective for the client, letting go of some stress, a sense of freshness in a previously stagnant place, space for insights, ideas, expression. Space clearing is a simple and powerful practice we have available for ourselves, our loved ones, our community – local and global. It is presence, exploration and attention for yourself and the places you inhabit. An empowered presence of compassionate awareness and attention. Places give us the opportunity to expand, and we have the opportunity to be mindful of our influence and contributions.

  3. […] around about the same time I became interested in dowsing I also became interested in space clearing/energy clearing which is where the old stagnant and stuck energies of buildings and houses is […]

  4. Ecoprice says:

    Being window installers we work most of the time in other peoples homes and places of work. The different energy these hold is always a source of wonder to us. Never heard of space clearing before but it does make sense.

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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett