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In a fast paced society, where many people are discovering their ability to help others along the way, all sorts of healing modalities arise. From GP’s, nurses and other hospital staff to the local masseur and everyone in between, many people have devoted their lives to helping others.

Many of those people, because of their commitment to their passion are often unable or unaware that they have needs as well. It is wonderful to be able to help others, but if we do not take care of ourselves, then we cannot help others as much as we might like.

Heal the healer

It is often hard to even know if we need help until symptoms start to manifest.. Busy lifestyles tend to dominate our reality, finding the time to take care of ourselves is not always easy. Yet it is becoming even more importtant in this fast moving world that we heal the healer. It is so easy for an overworked / tired / stressed system to take on board the symptoms of the client / patients. Much of this taking ‘on board’ is not a conscious act, if it were, then we would have the choice, take it or leave it. Very often those we are treating will reflect back to us our own subconscious patterns.

You may recall the early days of your practice, you seemed to attract people who had the same problems as you. As you gained more experience, so the client base shifted, to reflect, always, back to you your own issues. This mostly applies to the more alternative therapies but I cannot speak for all health care workers of course.

Now, there is a way to help heal the healer, without the healer having to leave home. Many people experience stress and overload when working with others because, on one level or another, they are not releasing the ‘charge’ that they pick up from their client / patient. Again, this is often done without awareness on the part of the health care worker because the issues are buried deep in their subconscious. This ‘charge’, if not released accumulates until the body demands something be done about it.

Through his work ‘Clearing’ Eric Dowsett is able to support the release of excess charge before it manifests, and this can be done via a computer connection using Skype.. How easy is that.. Good health for the healer is a matter of allowing information / energy / charge to pass through the healer without any resistance so the charge cannot build. ‘Clearing’ which is similar in many ways to the Buddhist practice of Tonglen holds a developed, non-judgemental state that allows stress and anxiety to fall away before it can become a problem.

Heal the healer is available now, mention this blog post when you email Eric and get a first time discount on your skype consult, see if this works for you. Maintain your own balance from the comfort of your own home and deepen the help you are able to offer your own clients through your own inner peace gained from regular ‘Clearings.’

Heal the healer, check it out… get an initial Skype Consult for the cost of a follow up consult.. First time visitors only. EXTENDED – NOW AVAILABLE until the end of August 2012.



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  1. Having experienced different therapies many times over the years I often wondered about how the therapist got treatments. Never occured to me that they might be picking up ‘stuff’ from their clients. Thanks for this it is a really interesting read.

  2. Robin LeBlanc says:

    Hi Eric,

    I am very interested in your special Heal the Healer offer. It could not have come at a better time. I just down loaded Skype. How do I go about doing this?

    Many Thanks,


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