Future –  What Future?

Que sera sera – Whatever will be will be.. Well, it will if we content ourselves to sit back and let it.

When we choose one path over another we subtly alter or confirm our allegiance to a belief pattern and give it energy, this is how humanity has evolved over the ages, by making choices.  This has been the accepted ‘way’ for milennia.

The key to a win win situation is dependent upon a collective shift in choices we make, yet while we subscribe to the existing ‘hologram’ that we imagine to be real, conflict is inevitable, there is no win win, just more conflict.

While the personality rules, then conflict is inevitable, overcome the presumed needs of the personality and perhaps, just perhaps, a new reality can be born.

‘The Future – who is dreaming the next one’

Are you concerned about the future? Yours? Your kids, family, friends? Times are uncertain, change happens so fast we wonder where yesterday went, global warm up, global melt down, global pandemic!

They all have one thing in common, your tacit agreement and support. You may do this on a conscious, aware level, or you may, like the majority,  add your consent without any conscious decision on your part.

We may all believe we have freedom of choice, but if we think about it for a moment, we will see that any choice we have is within current paradigms, which by their very nature are limited. Not much of a choice really.

Most people are concerned about themselves and their immediate family, this is human nature. We put our children before the children of others, we see our lifestyle as more important, our heritage, our religion, our health… Economic growth, security, standards of living, all to be maintained with credit stretched far into the future is hardly a win win situation. It is not really sustainable, but then, if we are thinking all the time of our immediate gratification, then who cares about the future.

How easy do you think it is to just put the brakes on and change tracks without some upset.

Perhaps the question for each of us seeking change is how can I make this transition as smooth as possible?

Any system that is energized expands, the more energy (heat) we put into water, the more the state of the water changes. Conversely we can take energy (heat) out of water and the state of the water changes.

When we subscribe to a belief we energise it. If enough people subscribe to the same belief then obviously more energy has been put into that belief and it begins to manifest. Given enough time and energy that belief becomes a reality. Religions are a wonderful example of this, how people, adding their creative juices to a concept, enforce that concept and help make it a reality. But all beliefs, all concepts arise form the same place. If you happen to have the media backing you today, then your idea, belief, concept will take hold and spread, like an airborne disease.

If we believe that any guarantee of a positive, sustainable future rests on our getting our way, over the way of another, we are simply adding energy to a conflict that can never be resolved. When we see that our future rests on the collective all working together, with a common aim, in a true spirit of global community then we may create a new reality.

This is unlikely to occur without some suffering though, the mind set that created the economic situation we face today has made millions of people dependent upon that belief, millions of people who have subscribed to growth in this way, all now paying the price of that investment. Those responsible for sustaining this belief will try to recreate it, denying the possibility of fundamental change. Certainly a collapse of the current system is seen as undesirable by those who have invested in it.

The big question is perhaps, how to move through change with as little discomfort as possible.

One thing is certain, anxiety and fear won’t help. If we find we are going into anxiety around the fear, fear of change, then we are energizing those emotions, keeping them in play. The more people do this the more ‘real’ it becomes. The more real it becomes the more difficult it is to see beyond the fear and anxiety.

Catch 22

A ‘Catch 22’ if ever there was one.

Clearing offers a path through chaos, a path of understanding and compassion.  It won’t make the discomfort disappear overnight but it will ease the pain associated with change.

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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett