Oct 15 - 21 2023


10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Seeking the Death-less State

Combining ‘Clearing’ a Heart Centred Program, with traditional teachings it becomes clear why we hold certain beliefs and how we can move beyond them.

Join us for this week in Tuscany, a week (7 days 6 nights) to explore just who we believe ourselves to be. Why we believe that and how simple beliefs hold us a prisoner to our past.

We will explore the world of clearing, including but not limited to Buddhist Teachings, how clearing and Buddhism are so closely related that is it hard to define one as separate from the other. What is the Deathless State? And why would we want to seek it? We will explore these subjects  and apply our clearing knowledge and abilities to better understand what this is and why it is important.

Plenty of opportunity to explore, in a safe and supportive environment, why we believe ourselves to be who we are and how we can move beyond past limitations, many of which we are unaware of.

Additionally we will explore how various energies of our environment affect us and how we can use that knowledge to create an even more open heart.

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