Supporting friends on medication

I was honored to be invited in as part of the support group for a friend, “K”, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall and has been undergoing chemotherapy after a lumpectomy.

Having never cleared drugs of this type before, I did some research and received a great deal of helpful information from a nurse in Australia who is involved with Eric’s work and has been working with cancer patients for some time.  The first step for me was clearing myself of any reservations I had with working with the powerful drugs involved, and this in itself was a wonderful blessing.  I spent the entire evening and morning before K’s first treatment meditating, clearing myself, and remaining in as open and clear a state as possible before arriving at the treatment room.

I first cleared the treatment room, then cleared the potentially harmful effects of each bag of drugs as she was receiving them.  I then visualized the drugs moving in harmony with her body as they flowed through her system, asking that everything blend together for the most auspicious outcome, whatever that might be.  I also cleared the drugs she was given to take home with her, led her and the others in the room through a couple of guided visualizations, and generally just “held space” with my heart during the 3 hours we were there.  One of the nurses at that first treatment commented that the “love in the room is palpable” and she had never felt (in over 10 years of doing her work there) such a sense of calm while someone was receiving the chemo!

I felt a little bit of nausea that evening and was pretty tired the next day, but mostly I felt incredibly blessed to have been a part of the whole experience!

K finished her treatments (8 in all) last week, and I was present physically at 5 of them, cleared remotely during 2 others, and for one treatment I was not able to tune in with her in any way due to my own circumstances.  During this period the staff at K’s treatment center frequently commented on how well she was doing compared to others who had received the same treatment program.  K and I both felt that the clearing was having a positive effect, but of course it’s hard to really measure…..except for the one time I was not able to clear her.  This was the 7th treatment; following this session K developed sores around her mouth and was so depressed and weak that she was barely able to get out of bed a week after the treatment!  None of this had happened before this treatment.  We considered the cumulative nature of the drugs as a possible cause, so I was very curious about her reaction after last week’s treatment, when I was present with her.

I’m delighted to report that I just spoke with her, 6 days after the chemo, and although she’s feeling a bit of nausea she’s been out walking, her spirits are high, and she said the difference overall was “huge”.  She is incredibly grateful for this work, and wants me to follow up with her by doing more clearings for her, and her house, in the coming months.

I would also like to acknowledge and honor the importance of the support that I received from others in the Dowsett community during this process, especially during the first few treatments, when others were tuning in as well – I could really feel the difference when there was a whole community there helping with the clearing.   I love this “work”!

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