We appear to have many choices if we are interested in any field of personal development.

So many choices, so many things to do. There is a sub-conscious process happening that eliminates many of the choices out there. Our past conditioning, our sub-conscious preferences, is already directing us down a particular pathway. That pathway makes many of the choices available invisible, we don’t see them, we don’t hear about them, to us they do not exist.

Having, in a sense, already predetermined the path, we seek out tools, means, ways, by which we can develop the aspects of ourselves that we feel are ‘who we are’. So, from the vast ranges of choices, we have just a few, even these few choices can be overwhelming.


Now we rely on the feedback from friends, their excitement, their passion for any course they have attended to help guide us. But still there is an inner voice, if we were but to focus on it, that directs us through the sea of choices, to that which is most appropriate for us.

Still, there can be hesitation, is this really what I want to spend time and money on?

For those who have heard about ‘clearing’ from a friend, or just browsing the internet, who are thinking about coming along to a workshop, why not try a Skype consult first, experience the benefits of ‘clearing’ for yourself, then decide if this is for you or not.

Anyone who chooses a skype consult, and then attends a workshop will get a free 30 minute follow up session..

Choices made easy.

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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett