When we notice how certain situations create strong feelings of anxiety (anger, frustration, depression etc.) in us we are on the first step to freedom from those states. Until we recognise that these feelings arise because of past conditioning, and will continue to arise if we don’t change the program that creates them we are powerless to change the world we live in.

As we can ‘catch’ a cold, we can ‘catch’ anxiety. Imagine your body to be like a radio transceiver, it receives and transmits information. Most people pick up environmental signals, assume the feeling to be theirs, and by so doing, amplify the signal, sending it on for others to ‘catch’.

For more information see ‘Weapons of Mass Hallucination’

Weapons of Mass Hallucination.

Many of us can relate to anxiety, the degree this controls our life depends upon our past conditioning and current identification with old patterns.

Until we can change our relationship to feelings, thoughts and emotions we remain a victim to our past. Anxiety without obvious reason is most often simply how the body has conditioned itself over many years to react to environmental signals.

So accustomed are we to identify and personalize emotions, feelings and thoughts that we naturally assume that they are ours. It would be more accurate to say that the body is experiencing an emotion but the emotion does not belong to me – until I grab a hold of it! The body is like a radio, picking up signals.  Where we focus our awareness dictates what radio station we pick up. Certain stimuli cause the body to produce particular chemicals which we then label as emotions.

The song does not belong to the radio. The radio is just the device through which we pick up a transmission and interpret that information. The body is the device, like the radio, that we use to pick up information transmitted from our environment. We then interpret that information, depending upon our personal history. If the environmental signal reminds us of a good time, the body will produce chemicals associated with that good time and we feel good. If the signal reminds us of a traumatic, painful situation, then the chemical produced will re-create an uncomfortable feeling. While we think the feeling belongs to us then we will maintain production of the chemical that produced the feeling, the more we do this the more intense the feeling becomes.

All the while we identify with anxiety ‘we’ remain a part of the problem of global anxiety. The more we identify with any particular feeling / emotion the more chemicals are released in to the body. The more chemicals, the stronger the feeling, now the body is transmitting an overwhelming sense of anxiety which affects all those around it.

In this way anxiety can be seen as a weapon of mass hallucination. You don’t need airplanes or rockets to deliver it, it doesn’t arrive in the mail, yet it is an airborne disease. No borders can control it no legislation prevent it, and we are all responsible. We are the ones who can make this real, or not.

To varying degrees we all see what we expect and while we expect it, it remains a part of our manifesting reality. We see it, we associate, or identify with it, consciously or not, and we energise it, consciously or not. The world is this or that, often showing us aspects of our selves that we would rather not see. The shadow, the unloved, afraid parts of the self, which give rise to feelings of discomfort or insecurity which we must then try and manage. We often do this by trying to manipulate the environment or those around us so that they conform to our expectations. This frequently gives rise to conflict, because the other is also feeling discomfort or insecure and they want their needs met as well.

We spend much of our lives in damage control, putting out fires that we have inadvertently lit.

If we want a new reality, we need to step out of the old one first, the new cannot be created from the old, all references points need to change, therein lies the challenge. Clearing will help, both in the release of old addictive behavour patterns and the recognition that we are not our feelings.

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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett