Since 2003, Eric has been a constant in my life. The “clearing” world, I so enjoy being in, has allowed me to bring amazing benefits for myself and clients for old traumas, old and current physical and emotional issues, which when released allows our natural vitality to recover and bring about a healthy physical and emotional balance.

This amazing gift, that I’ve been blessed with, I plan to share in the near future with space and personal clearing classes.

Consultations And Services:
Space clearing services for buying or selling your home or business
Personal clearings for health related issues
Feng Shui Astrology for compatibility, profiling, decision making purposes around job change, home relocation, business expansion
Balancing energy of your space to promote well being, finances, career aspects, relationships and any other life circumstances
Remote clearings
Clutter Control
Emotional Traumas
Available for Educational Lectures

Patricia Hettel Advanced Practitioner and Teacher, NJ. USA


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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett