Working with Dr. Neil Blacklock in Canada we took blood samples from various clients in order to determine what, if any, change occurred as a result of the ‘Clearing’. Using Dark Field Microscopy we were able to get a clear picture of the state of the clients blood at various stages of the ‘Clearing’. Without fail, each person tested presented anything but healthy blood.

Although each person’s blood was unique, all had one thing in common, a state of chaos, or disorder, manifesting in the body and visible through the blood samples.

Picture One, taken before any ‘Clearing’ is representative of all those tested.
We did not use the blood sample to diagnose any condition, simply to observe change, if any, after the ‘Clearing’. As you can see, the blood cells are packed close together, quite ‘sticky’.

After the first sample was taken I ‘Cleared’ the client. The ‘Clearing’ lasted 10 minutes after which we took another blood sample.

Picture Two, taken immediately after the ‘Clearing’ shows a very different blood patterning. This is know as ‘Rouleau’, where the blood cells stack one upon the other like a pile of coins. This is not particularly healthy, if you suffer from Chronic Fatigue then your blood is likely to look like this. We have noted, through our research, that the more stress the system is under, witnessed by the varying degrees of ‘chaos’ as seen in the blood samples, the more the body goes into this type of reaction. We had experience of this reaction before, using Kirlian Photography, we noted a similar state after ‘Clearing’ and acupuncture and suspect that the body, after various types of treatment, goes into this state of Rouleau.
Dr. Blacklock hase labelled this ‘the Re-set’ phase of healing.
We had learnt to wait for 20 minutes or so before taking another blood sample, to see if the blood had settled down after the Rouleau.

Picture Three shows a remarkably different pattern, one much more in balance, the individual cells are distinct and moving more freely through the body. This picture shows a system in order, in greater balance. Incidentally, this person returned one week later and the first blood sample, before any ‘Clearing’ was identical to Picture Three. So, the change was holding, a very positive sign.
The blood of each person we tested showed signs of imbalance and chaos, then immediately after the ‘Clearing’ went into the Rouleau pattern, followed by, 20 minutes later a pattern of order, more peace within the system.
With gratitude to Dr Neil Blacklock (Doctor of Acupuncture) of Canada. Neil can be contacted on

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