Parallel Realities

The world we live in is a pretty amazing place. But, there is always room for improvement right?

The natural world is fine as it is, well it would be if greed fear and ignorance didn’t rule the day. Same with the human perceptions of the world, could it be improved if there were less greed, fear and ignorance around? Is greed, fear and ignorance a set condition for life in human form… If it isn’t, how are we going to sidestep it?

Do we need to work within the confines of our current ‘reality’ to create something new and more sustainable, or can we step outside of this reality, jump tracks as it were, to travel down a totally different path?

Of course, if anyone has already jumped tracks and exists in a parallel reality how could we possibly know? Without feedback we assume, rightly or wrongly, that there is only the one path, make the most / best of it while you walk it. Unless you know anyone who has simply disappeared, gone over to a parallel reality and kept in touch (not from a psychiatric hospital!).

It is conditioned thinking that maintains this reality, but is conditioned thinking the only way to go? Thinking outside the box, we are told, can solve problems, problems that were created inside the box. But just how far out of the box can you go without being locked up or losing it completely?

An interesting challenge, the box within which we currently operate cannot provide answers to problems that are created from within the box. Always assuming there are problems to be solved. Another dilemma. Are there any problems? If there are, the chances are they were created from within the box. No answers, of any lasting, positive, sustainable nature, can be found within the box, it is not the nature of the current box to be rational, logical, compassionate. Rather, it appears to be just the opposite. Although it contains elements of every imaginable aspect of humanity, unfortunately a limited, small box, point of view, maintains such a strongly polarised perception that reality follows, or fits within, these extremes.

How far out of the box do we need to go to find answers that are more rational, logical and compassionate? And, on those out of the box explorations, unless we take a bunch of people with us, there is not going to be anyone out there, as far as the limited ‘box’ thinking allows us to know, who is going to be able to understand the out of the box language.

So, in order to communicate effectively we need to keep one foot in the box. But if we keep one foot in the box it will anchor us to the commonly accepted reality. This, by its nature, prevents us from truly exploring out of the box and at the same time maintaining a level of communication that can be understood and appreciated by those who remain in the box.

If we manage to escape our box yet still exist within the grreater reality, we are likely to be shut away or disappeared, not in a nice way, for there would be no one to understand our new point of view. If we manage to really reach escape velocity and jump tracks, then any trace of our existence in the old reality, the one you are reading this in, without communication between the realities, would no longer exist. At least I think that would be the case. So I, or whoever manages the jump, will be unable to share what they have discovered, assuming they can even remember what life was like before they jumped.

I think I am getting a headache.

To be clear, I cannot escape the box and communicate to those left in the box. I am not sure, because of my conditioned existence, that such a place as ‘out of the box’ even exists. Does madness await me out of the box, or am I already mad within the box but have not, as yet, realised it?

I think, at least I think it is me thinking, that for the time being I will be content just expanding the box. Putting a few feelers out, testing the limits, before taking the plunge. Assuming a plunge is possible.. So many unknowns. Part of the fun I guess, the total uncertainty of the unknown.

A bit like dying in a way.

If you don’t receive anymore newsletters from me, you know why..

see you on the other side.


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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett