#82 January ’16


This is going to be a hard one for some. Acceptance is often a big challenge for most people. There are levels of course, degrees to which we can accept some things and not others. Those ‘levels’ reflect more of our own subconscious than we may be willing to agree with.

On some level I believe we are all complicit in all that appears to happen to us. Not easy to see how this can be so when individuals are confronted with events seemingly outside of their control: disease; war; famine to name just a few.

No one can affect you unless you allow it! Why would anyone ‘choose’ to experience being a refugee? Or any casualty of war? To suffer disease or sickness? I suspect we don’t choose, we have lost the ability to choose by the decisions, or lack of decisions we made in the past and we are now very much ‘victims’ to circumstance. How far back do we need to go when we did have a ‘free’ choice? Was there ever a point when we got to truly choose? The simple fact of our being born into human form in this day and age is in itself enough to guarantee certain conditioning.

We may think we make choices now, to a degree perhaps we do. But all choices made now arise from within a framework, a very limited paradigm, that is a product of our past, not necessarily our personal past, but the collective past.

This ongoing state of limited choice is perpetuated by the constant externalising of the cause of all our ills. While we continue to personalise with all experiences we support the current ‘reality’ that we find ourselves in.

And this is where we are all complicit in whatever happens to us. We may attract abusive situations but only if on some level we are willing or allow ourselves to be abused. No one, I would imagine, would choose to be abused. But the choice is no longer ours to make, we are driven by the subconscious conditioning now so deep and strong that we are unable to recognise this.

Failing to recognise the responsibility we have in the unfolding drama we tend to blame others. ‘They’ are doing this to me; ‘They’ should know better; ‘They’ are responsible for this problem, and so it goes. While we are unable to see that our own subconscious conditioning has allowed the ‘situation’ to develop we will continue to blame. While we blame we seek answers, some resolution which we can never find all the time we are driven by the past.

If we are not truly ‘clear’ within ourselves then we should not expect others to be clear. Although others may be ‘clear,’ relatively speaking, if we are still viewing the world through the filter system of our own judgemental past we will not see clarity, simply a reflection of our own value system. This perception leads us deeper down the rabbit hole as we try to ‘work things out’ as they present to us. We employ various methods that we have learnt and come to believe in.  Yet those methods were invariably taught to us by others equally lost down the rabbit hole, themselves trying to discover a ‘way out.’

Common perception, supported by the mass media today, is that we are unsafe. Believing in this lie we are offered various ways to create safety or simply to create the illusion of safety. All of the ways offered require us to ‘do’ something further increasing any polarised charge we may hold, often on a subconscious level. In order for this lack of safety to be maintained, we need something / someone out there who is a threat. It should be completely obvious to any thinking person that this road leads to further control, more fear, more polarisation and hence, more conflict. A heavily polarised mind, lost in its own perceptions, perceptions created out of no-thing like a magicians illusion, can do nothing other than react in a very fearful and judgmental way.

We may not be able to change the collectives polarised point of view, but we can change ours.

It all starts with us. It is no good waiting for the next person in line to change the world, the choice is yours. To continue to believe in the nonsense or start the path of acceptance. By accepting what is showing up in your life, without judging it, any charge supporting the illusory nature of that reality will begin to fall away. Accept responsibility, at least until you see and accept the world for what it is.

Not easy to do while you still believe the rabbit hole reality is truly who you are. Not easy to do if you still hold onto anger, fear, judgement, grudges, anxiety, blame, all the time looking outside for the answers. Not easy until you hit the reality wall and discover for yourself that the answers are not ‘out there’ but in here!

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett