#80 November ’15

Simplicity vs Complexity

Clearing is simplicity personified, yet we struggle with the simplicity because of the complexity we have built in our attempts to understand the simplicity. Crazy eh!

We are so conditioned to ‘do a lot in order to achieve a lot’ we completely miss the point. Remember, “Do a lot, achieve a little – do little, achieve a lot, do nothing, achieve everything”

Yet we stubbornly refuse to see the truth in this simple statement. The conditioned reality, that we continue to energise, is so strong that we believe by doing nothing the ‘others’ will win. Many societies have so conditioned their populations that any time away from the work environment is so limited there is no time to reflect, to truly relax and look around at what is really going on. We see time away from work as some sort of reward for good behaviour yet we know we are going to have to return to ‘work’ because our lifestyles have guaranteed we need to ‘work’ to sustain them. And so we believe.

And this is all ‘true’ as far as it goes, as far as we are prepared to believe it to be true and continue to subscribe to this belief. This is, after all, the world we live in.

Many people simply do not get the time to reflect, they are into survival big time, that is their reality. Many people who have the time are not interested in reflection unless it benefits them in some way.

We are continually trying to make the world a better place; create a better future for ourselves or our family; save this; save that. No matter what you try and do it is fundamentally doomed to failure, simply because the energy that you are putting into the conflict is supporting the illusory nature of the world that you have come to accept as reality. There are no answers that are going to solve the ‘problems of the world’ down that path although the illusion leads you to believe that you can make a difference.

Sure it is a fascinating ride, so much to learn and understand, but don’t for one moment believe that it is going to make any fundamental difference to the manifesting reality.

There are several ways to view this message. We can deny it. Tear it apart. Believe it but feel powerless to ‘do’ anything about it Continue to try to change the system from within the system. Try for another revolution and fight the system. We can try to change ourselves so that the manifesting reality changes. Or we can simply accept this is how things are.

I suspect that the last ‘answer’ is the way to go. For, if we are truly lost within a complex illusion, then anything we try will originate from within the limitations of that illusion and thus doomed to failure. If we try to change ourselves we will be coming from a place that is telling us we are faulty, at fault. This is simply a product of the illusion, it is not real at all, yet our conditioning either lays the blame for anything perceived as ‘wrong’ often at the feet of others, the next step being to blame the self.

Acceptance, why should we accept the manifesting reality.. Because accepting requires a total lack of judgement. When we do not judge we are not coming from a polarised state, when we are not polarised we are not energising the manifesting reality. When we do not energise it, it collapses. Out of the ashes of the past a truly new future can unfold. A new illusion? of course, how could it be anything else, but, an illusion that sets the mind and heart free to explore the multiple illusions which then become available to us. Illusions that are not based on greed, fear or ignorance and of course, need to be released as they arise!

A quote from a Rinpoche:

“Since all things are naked, clear and free from obscuration, there is nothing to attain or realise.
The everyday practice is simply to develop a complete acceptance and openness to all situations and emotions.
And to all people – experiencing everything totally without reservations and blockages, so that one never withdraws or centralises into oneself.”

Remember – Do NOT Believe A Word Anyone Tells You. No one really knows what is going on, and even if they did they are either not going to tell you, or you are not going to believe them if they did!

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett