#76 July ’15


I have noticed that, of the people I work with on a frequent basis, no matter what symptoms are manifesting, they all have their root in one fundamental issue, insecurity.

The most obvious are those with anxiety manifesting. Why would we be anxious, what is it that creates this reality in so many people? It would be easy to say that the current conditions around the world are enough to make any sensitive person anxious. These conditions may well be to blame, but they may also equally be the product of an already anxious society. Constant identification with anxiety leads to other health related issues for which we seek answers, failing to recognise the deep seated cause for those health issues.

It is not just anxiety that manifests, though that is a big one. Very often the employment that we seek out is an expression of aspects of the self that are not fully made conscious. Relationships in particular are often the result of sub conscious conditioning. Health issues that manifest later in life can often be traced back to deeply rooted, subconscious patterns that we have either inherited from our ancestral gene pool, brought ‘in’ as charge from other experiences or acquired along the way due, in major part, to our early childhood conditioning.

We cannot blame anyone for this ‘insecurity’ we learn much from our parents, our siblings, the society that we are born into and those parents, those siblings, that society, all learnt from their parents, their siblings, the society into which they were born. It seems that very few people actually stop and question the world / reality into which they are born. Instead the same conditioning is passed down the line, again and again and again.

We are taught, from an early age, at least most of us are, that the world is not a safe place to be. We must learn how to survive, at home, at school, at work, in relationship. These lessons are not overt, they are subtle, hinted at, played out by the behaviour of those around us who have already learnt these subliminal lessons. We simply follow directives that have been laid down over centuries, if not millennia, adding our own energy to the belief that we have to strive to do something in order to create a safe environment.

We often fail to realise that much of what we do, how we respond / react, how we feel, what we see has its roots in insecurity. A lot of people seem to be suffering from depression. It is common for us to externalise our problems, and seek answers outside of the self, thinking that another can make us happy, feel safe and secure.. We seek approval from the world but seem unable to give it to ourselves. This continual belief that we can only find that which we seek outside of the self.

Depression may arise as a result of our apparent needs being constantly undermined but we are not ‘depressed’ as such, depression arises because of a conditioned mind that has as its base, insecurity. The difficulty is compounded when, because of that same conditioning, we believe ourselves to be depressed.

Our world is a manifestation of our thoughts. Our thoughts are a product of conditioning which includes past charge that we carry with us and conditions imposed upon us by family and society.

We spend most, if not all in some cases, of our lives looking for that security but by externalising our search we simply guarantee that there is no end to the search. We don’t even realise that the search is due to deep rooted insecurity. It doesn’t matter who we believe ourselves to be, how wealthy – how poor, how powerful – how weak, we are all born into the same world, apparently, and we all struggle with the same issues.

Until we can learn to fully accept and embrace all aspects of ourselves we will continue to create the same old same old. When we can truly accept ourselves then those parts that created problems just fall away. Try it for yourself.

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett