Today I am selling points of view. I have no investment, you understand, in any of the points of view I am selling, I am just the middle man.

Take your pick from what is on offer.

It is always a challenge to understand why you have preferences for certain points of view. Why you choose one over another, why you believe that any point of view is more important than any other.

Most of the points of view on offer today are free of charge, at least initially. Most, if not all, are going to require maintenance. They are going to take time and energy to develop, without a doubt they are going to cost, money, sometimes lots of money. The ones to look out for, be a little wary of are those that come full of promise with no deposit required. They are the ones that are going to cost a lot, in terms of the financial obligations that follow commitment.

Also be on the lookout for those that offer you freedom, for those the cost is going to be higher, and not always financial, for those the price is your soul. These particular points of view are most commonly held by the collective and are thus not so easy to see through and avoid. In our naivety we accept these points of view, before we can even question the wisdom of our choice we are committed and sink deeper into the mire that is the point of view.

Often, as a result of our accepting a point of view, other points of view become available. Our choices are limited, based on some fundamental points of view we either inherited or otherwise acquired. These ‘foundational’ points of view are not so easy to escape from, we hardly realise they are points of view, so escaping from them is never considered an option. Instead, to make life more comfortable, we seek out other points of view, according to our desires, which are, invariably, based upon initial points of view.

So, when choosing from my Bazaar, my cornucopia, my suitcase of points of view, try to remember that the person choosing is totally lost in previous points of view, to the point where any clarity about which point of view would serve you best has been long lost. It matters little which one you choose, I am happy because you think you have what you need and, for the time being at least, are happy with your choice. We are all happy, wonderful.

Happy until your newly acquired point of view starts to age, to show cracks around the edges, starts to fall apart. Starts to make demands upon you, requires you spend more money to maintain it, or, worse yet, you see through the illusory nature of your point of view and question its validity. When you outgrow your point of view the initial feelings can be very confusing. What to do, hang on a little longer, in case the point of view was valid, you are just having doubts? Or walk away, leaving behind all those friends you have made along the way, friends who can no longer communicate with you because you no longer belong to the club?

Many points of view have back up plans for occasions just like this, they are experienced when doubt shows up and have whole packages of doubt busting points of view, each designed to encourage you to continue holding the initial point of view yet lead you further into the depths of that point of view making it harder to entertain thoughts of doubt.

For those lost in their point of view have become masters at justifying their point of view, at explaining their point of view with clever, smaller, points of view.

If we were to consider the point of view that subscribing to any one point of view leads to the adoption of other points of view, each taking us further from the place we thought we were going when we accepted the original point of view, then points of view are valueless. At least while we take them so seriously.

This world is made up of points of view. There is nothing that isn’t a point of view. Even this statement is a point of view. They are everywhere, seemingly impossible to escape from, for each time I offer you a new one, or a remodelled old one, I am just adding to your burden, but hey, who am I to tell you which point of view is best for you. You have to try them all on for size before deciding which one suits you best. Or perhaps, you are tired of defending your points of view. What then?

You wake up one morning, if you are lucky, and say to yourself, this point of view no longer serves me. What then, do you cast it aside, like a worn out piece of clothing, send it off to be recycled, maybe someone else would like your used point of view.

Is it so easy to walk away from a point of view?

Whatever you are thinking right now is a product of a point of view.

Whatever you are feeling right now is a product of a point of view.

Even your emotional responses are the products of various points of view.

Walking away from a point of view means walking away from who you thought / think yourself to be. Most points of view are insidious, they creep up on you, entangling you in their web of points of view and sub points of view to the point you are no longer conscious it was a point of view that started this journey at all.

Disengaging from points of view is an art, a unique point of view in itself. For how does one disengage from something that permeates your total being, something that does not even appear on the radar of possibilities, for each point of view demands action, requires you to take it seriously. It holds you in its embrace so tightly that there are no alternatives.

Trade ins are always welcome. I will gladly take your old point of view and either supply a new one, the choices are limitless, but I might, if you don’t mind, suggest one of the new, disposable points of view. They have a limited shelf life, presuming you take them seriously for long enough to maximise the benefits. Some of the later models, the improved points of view, have been designed to self destruct, so, no matter how seriously you take them they are guaranteed to blow up in your face before you get too lost in them, marvellous eh!

If you are interested in top of the range points of view then I suggest you start with one of the self destruct models. They prepare you for the rarified points of view that only those who have had points of view explode in their face often enough can handle.

If you are confused now, remember that is just a point of view. There is no charge for that one, as long as you don’t think it is yours. Any claim to ownership of any of the points of view mentioned in any of my work requires you enter a contract and agree to abide by the particular rules of that point of view, sub sections notwithstanding. At some point in the future the price of that point of view will become obvious and you will be expected to pay it.

In the meantime, the Bazaar is always open, feel free to step in, have a browse, try one on, see how it fits.. Everyone is trying to sell their favourite, few offer unlimited choices.



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  1. David Fries says:

    Hey Eric, Enough with the amused point of view. There are many problems in the world now that are going to require all the serious, concerned,and worried points of view that we can muster. I mean master.
    Loved it.

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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett