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Will ‘Clearing’ replace medical treatment?

No, the ‘clearer’ is not trained in medicine and has no authority to decide whether someone should, or should not continue medication prescribed by a doctor or psychiatrist. This is the responsibility of the client and treating doctor. Clearing can be safely used in association with any other therapy, as long as the ‘clearer’ does not offer medical advice or presume to ‘know’ what the ‘problem’ is. It may happen that, over time, the need for medication falls away, this will be a decision that the doctor will make, not the clearer.

Should I expect immediate results from a clearing?

That depends upon the conditions that are presenting and how well established they are. There are no guarantees with the clearing, as the 'clearer' will not be diagnosing nor offering any advice as to what path to take, they are simply there to be available to take whatever charge they can at the time.

Is there any danger to me or others?

We are all subject to our own past, if the 'clearer' falls into a pattern of trying to do something, rather than simply be available then some of the symptoms they are working with can 'stick'. This emphasizes the need for the clearer to move slowly and practice not doing. For the most part though there is little danger to clearer or the person being cleared. If you have concerns about me, comment on this post.

How do I find someone qualified to ‘Clear’ me or my home?

Go to the ‘Clearing Community' page and see who is doing what and about where in the world. Having trouble locating the right person please contact me and I will do my best to help you.

How about clearing animals?

Applying the ‘Clearing’ to animals is a powerful means to restore balance often reducing the need for veterinarian attention. Animals respond to ‘Clearing’ very quickly and as long as the animal is not returned to a stressful environment, the ‘Clearing’ will hold.

How can i use clearing, to improve my Finances?

If we see all as energy and then take the step that all energy is information(however it is packaged or delivered) then cash flow is also energy. Where there are blocks the energy will not flow. Clearing the blocks around the flow of this type of information can open doors to different realities. The most challenging part of this type of ‘Clearing’ is to create a sustainable reality. To achieve this regular and frequent ‘Clearing’ may be required to re-educate the system so that any sub-conscious self sabotage patterns are worked through and no longer control the manifesting reality.

Can I Clear myself?

Yes. The biggest challenge that most people face here is the ability to be objective about any issues that arise for clearing. After all, if we could be totally objective there would be nothing to ‘Clear’. With practice this gets easier and more powerful.

How can I help to restore greater harmony in my community?

Where you have several people gathered in community there will always be different points of view presented around any issue. Various personality types are drawn to public office and by their nature, can create conflict in those around them. There are many approaches to trying to deal with the manifesting conflict that arises out of the ‘clash’ of personalities. When we apply ‘Clearing’ to these situations the charge that each holds around certain issues is released before conflict arises leaving the situation open to dialogue form which agreeable solutions can arise.

Can you ‘Clear’ ghosts and the energy of suicides?

Yes, this is a simple procedure and very effective. Once the energy of a ghost or suicide is understood as nothing more than emotional charge remaining in the environment after the death of an individual it is an easy process to release this charge, once released it will not return.

Is there anything I can’t use clearing this for?

No, as the world we live in is made up of energy / information, then it is possible that blockages may occur in that flow of information, for whatever reason. ‘Clearing’ can help anything, if you can think of it, you can clear any charge around it.

The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett