Sustainability – What does it mean?

If we are concerned about our environment, then it makes sense to begin at home. If our home is, energetically in chaos then it could be a reflection of our own lives. My understanding is that if we wish to support / create greater environmental awareness we must first create that in our own lives. We seem to get caught looking at the ‘big’ issues and put our energy into trying to correct what we see as a great imbalance.

For whatever reason we fail to look at our own living environment, we may change certain patterns of behaviour to be more in keeping with our ‘environmental awareness’ perceptions, but how many people look at the underlying energies of their own home? For a long time that has been the area for the Feng Shui specialist, or the space ‘Clearer’ but not everyone feels the need to have someone come in and take a look at the energies of their home.

By developing a greater awareness and understanding of the major ‘hidden’ energies that are affecting us on a daily basis, and by following the ‘clearing’ techniques as taught by Eric Dowsett, we can begin to create a more harmonious home, a great foundation for any further endeavours in promoting our perceptions of what a ‘balanced’ environment is. We can see how long lost trauma can reach out of the past and control our future, we can understand the nature of various earth energies and the impact they have upon us, for better or for worse, we can work with technology so that its effects upon us and our families reduces.

If we call for peace, for environmental sustainability, yet all the while live our own lives in an internal state of conflict then we are destined to a long and bitter struggle.


Online learning, Space Clearing, a place to understand the nature of the relationship you have with your personal environment, the effect it has upon you and the effect you have upon it. This course is for anyone who is concerned about their environment. Create a positive, sustainable personal environment and the rest will follow.


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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett