Using the Tibetan Bowl Eric has created a very simple meditation for you to download.


The meditation consists solely of the sound of the bowl, the intention is to sit quietly and notice your thoughts. When you hear the sound of the bowl give your attention to the sound, and listen to the sounds as it fades for as long as you can. Another thought may arises in your awareness, simply notice the thought, and, when the bowl rings again, give your attention to the sound, following it for as long as you can. All the time bringing your awareness back to the sound of the bowl and holding that for as long as you can.


The meditation lasts for almost 16 minutes and ends with 2 rings of the bowl in quick succession.


Eric can accept no responsibility for misuse of this meditation (listening while doing other tasks!!)


Please make sure you adjust the volume before putting headphones on!! the bowl can be quite loud.


Feedback welcome,



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  1. Corinne says:

    Enjoying this 🙂
    Thank you Eric!

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