Conscious Parenting

A New Awareness to Raising Children

Your Children:

When Children are punished because they exhibit behaviour patterns that the parents themselves can identify with but are ashamed or unable to deal with that child will carry that scar all its life. Somehow we need to break the cycle, so while at one time dealing with the results of the past, we are taking steps to ensure that out children’s future is not the result of our traumatic past.


Do  you pass on violent solutions to behaviour patterns (often patterns learnt from your parents!)

Are you anxious or concerned about the future of your children

Do you find it difficult to control certain situations

Does your child exhibit signs of ADHD?

Do you see anti social behaviour in your children

Are your children best equipped to handle and uncertain future

Is your best good enough?



Understand the nature of who we are, why we believe ourselves to be a certain way, and, what to do to change old patterns.

By exploring, in a basic way, the nature of human cells, how they develop certain tendencies which ‘colour’ our world we can begin to change the old conditioning.



No matter what issues you are faced with trying to ‘fix’ something from within the structure that was responsible for the problem will not be effective.

Worse, it will only add to the tension as we try and resolve patterns based on old, established ways of dealing with situations.


‘Clearing’ will help you change the conditioning of generations, maximise your child’s opportunities for a well balanced healthy life .

‘Clearing’ will start you on a road that deals with basic, underlying conditions. Once the energy around this is understood the door opens for a new, more balanced, way of being.


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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett