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Easy does it

On February 22, 2011 By

Just be aware of each moment in time & space
and, to the best of your ability
Notice (don’t judge)
Be aware & available
Accept what feelings arises
& let go
practice your clearing each moment of the day

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Personal Progress

On February 27, 2008 By

I am continually delighted with the effects of the work on my own life. As I continue to practice noticing thoughts and feelings and simply accept whatever arises, without identifying (where I am able) it is as though ‘I’ am reborn on a moment by moment basis.  This allows the future to unfold in a […]

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Improve the flow of energy in your workspace
Feedback from a student
“My office has a emergency radio tower about forty yards behind it. An EMF meter showed the treatment rooms were being exposed to very high levels of electrical and magnetic frequencies. The needle on the EMF meter moved beyond the ranges measured all the way […]

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Radio interview with Eric. He gives a mini radio workshop and background information about his clearing experiences. Points of view, personality

Interview with Eric Dowsett- The interview starts around the 4.08th minute. Eric talks about his clearing experiences, he gives a mini in the air workshop. : can only be listened with the -free- Real player

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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett