Personal Clearing – Distance Healing

personal clearing - distance healingPersonal Clearing – Distance Healing

is a many things to many people.

Personal Clearing – Distance Healing is a powerful approach to supporting greater health and happiness for yourself, your family and your friends.

Personal Clearing – Distance Healing can restore energetic balance and harmony to your home or workplace without which you may be struggling for no apparent reason.

Personal Clearing – Distance Healing liberates you, your family and friends from old, limiting belief patterns.


Personal Clearing – Distance Healing does not require us to have any special  knowledge or abilities, nor does it require that we know what is wrong or how to fix it.

Personal Clearing – Distance Healing

is our inherent / developed ability to notice what shows up in the body, thoughts, feelings or emotions and simply let them be. For most of us, our lives are filled with judgment, big or small, for or against, we are very polarised in many of our attitudes. This polarisation is an acquired, internal, state, often we had no control over its development. We picked up attitudes and perceptions as young children and these stay with us all of our lives, often remaining in the sub-conscious.

Personal Clearing – Distance Healing is a very powerful way of discovering the sub-conscious in a very safe way, a way that does not confront us or require us to re live a painful past. Similar in some ways to the Buddhist practice of Tonglen, Personal Clearing -Distance Healing is an ability to be present for all emotions and all feelings and is the cornerstone of this approach to life. Personal Clearing – Distance Healing is a means by which we affect others and our environment, in a far more aware, positive way, restoring greater balance and harmony, simply by our presence.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of Personal Clearing – Distance Healing is the beneficial effect it has upon the practitioner. As we develop our ‘clearing’ practice our own body relaxes and comes into greater balance. This reflects in our personal health and well-being, in our relationships with others, in what shows up in our lives and how we are better able to handle what would otherwise have been very stressful situations.

If you find that you appear to be stuck in old patterns, experiencing the same old situations and dealing with them in the same old ways, then Personal Clearing – Distance Healing could be for you. As you come to understand what ‘Clearing’ is all about and apply that understanding fundamental change occurs. This change, on a deep, cellular level will allow you to see your experiences from a different perspective, not one that you have to work hard to achieve, rather one that simply takes the place of the old conditioned ways, effortlessly. The more you practice Personal Clearing – Distance Healing the less challenging life becomes, the less you are confronted by those old patterns. This is something that you have to try for yourself in order to truly understand the profound changes that can occur in your life.

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The moment you become aware is the moment of choice.
— Eric Dowsett